elden ring dlc?

Gather ’round, fellow champions of the Lands Between! A wisp of news curls and swirls from the enigmatic depths of FromSoftware. Yes, it concerns that tantalizing DLC, the enigmatically named “Shadow of the Erdtree”. Scant details may we have, but a sliver is more fodder for theorizing than a gaping abyss, wouldn’t you agree? So, let us dissect this morsel like a particularly cryptic map fragment.

James Webb Radio Telescope

The images that grace our screens and ignite our imaginations – nebulae sculpted by unseen forces, distant galaxies shimmering like cosmic jewels – often find their origin far beyond Earth. Telescopes like Hubble and JWST, sentinels in the silent vastness, have journeyed away from our home planet not merely to draw nearer to their targets, but to free themselves from the subtle distortions of our world. Consider the atmosphere that…

Reset vs Replacement

Bloody hell, here we go… the Great Reset and the Great Replacement. It’s like watching a pair of toddlers bicker over a broken toy, except the toy is our entire freaking world and these prats might actually smash it beyond repair. So, first up – the Great Reset. Brought to you by those wankers at the World Economic Forum – annual billionaire sleepover in Davos, don’tcha know. Suddenly, they’ve seen…

Gaza genocide

Look, I’m going to say it flat out. Gaza? It’s not just a mess, it’s a bloody disgrace. It’s a humanitarian catastrophe that we’ve all just let fester for far too long. It’s this open wound, seeping into the collective conscience of the world, and what are we doing? We’re squabbling, finger-pointing, and mumbling diplomatic jargon that means nothing to a child trapped under rubble.


After what felt like eons I’ve finally finished Final Fantasy XVI; what a wild ride. Square Enix has pulled out all the stops, delivering a dark, complex, and action-packed adventure that redefines the Final Fantasy experience in almost every way. A World of War and Intrigue Final Fantasy XVI transports us to the world of Valisthea, a land divided by warring nations that draw their power from mystical Mothercrystals and…