Why You Should Rank Up Your Shield in Elden Ring


brass shield elden ring

Hey tarnished!

Now, we all know how important shields are, right? They’re not just for looking cool, but they’ve got a whole array of uses, from blocking and parrying to bashing and performing unique Ashes of War abilities.

Now, one thing I absolutely love about shields in Elden Ring is the Guard Boost feature. As you upgrade your shield, you’ll gain Guard Boost points, which help determine how much stamina you’ll use up when blocking an attack. And the magic number here, my friends, is 100. Once you hit 100 Guard Boost, you won’t lose any stamina when blocking. How awesome is that?

So, you might be wondering how to get to that sweet 100 Guard Boost without breaking the bank. Well, let me introduce you to the Brass Shield. It’s a beauty, and you only need 16 strength to wield it! With a base Guard Boost of 56, you’ll want to upgrade it to +18, which will bring the stat up to 65. But wait, there’s more! To hit that perfect 100, just use the Barricade Shield skill to add an extra 35 Guard Boost points.

TL;DR Leveling up your shield is a no-brainer if you want to boost your defense game. With the right upgrades and skills like Barricade Shield, you’ll be laughing in the face of stamina loss while blocking and becoming an unstoppable force in Elden Ring.

Happy shield upgrading, and may the flames guide your way!