Tears of A Dragon

Via Twitter I’ve had the pleasure of meeting the talented indie developer Donovan Bell (@Savage__Dragon), creator of the cool Tears of A Dragon RPG published on Steam Sad to say that I […]

Steam OS

After reading this post on Reddit about the unboxing of a Steam Machine, I’m very eager to see how well my own Linux machine will handle the Steam OS. All boxes below […]

Steam into Space

And this time I’m not posting about KSP, although I am enjoying the new 0.21 updates Space Hulk is available on pre-order from Steam, release date 15th August. This was the board […]

Steam into space with Linux

[Rating:4.5] My first endeavor into space and linux gaming, and I’m loving it! I did pick up a couple of PS3 games to play last week… but I’ve forgotten what they were […]

steam on ubuntu

I’m shocked, you hear stories, how a steam console could be linux based. An then the day arrives when I can install Steam on Ubuntu. This is a game changer, lets hope […]