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I’m excited and intrigued by the upcoming new title Herogrinder, from the indie devs Modern Ltd. There are so many features, and did I mention that it’s free to play, with no loot crates!

Herogrinder: Tactical Combat Arenas is a free-2-play turn-based tactical PvP and co-op combat game under development by our indie studio. The game uniquely combines deep character progression and customization, simultaneous turns, destructible and re-arrangeable environments, stealth, drones, hacking, and area effects. Every turn has limitless outcomes, depending on the use of squad tactics, skills, equipment, the environment, and readied actions to get ahead of your opponents’ game. It also has monsters, but we can’t say more…

We’ve published a Bioroid Customizer App on Steam where players can design their unique characters, which they can enter in our contest to win an exact 3D-printed model of their creation.

The most ruthless game show of the 24th century – a game where contestants enter lethal tactical combat arenas with customized bioroid soldiers and measure their skills against each other in strategic, simultaneous turn-based PvP and co-op deathmatches. A game of strategic combat with a sinister agenda.

Customize and advance your bioroids

Male and female bioroids come in three sizes depending on their attributes. Each is custom created with abilities and skills chosen for their tactical advantage and strategy. Bioroids progress in levels to gain new ability enhancements from over 500 options. Cosmetic customization is almost limitless, including all weapons and armors, colors, textures, decals, accessories, and much more.

Players can download a Bioroid Customizer app from our Steam page by clicking the “Download PC Demo” button and enter a contest with their custom character creations to win a 3D model of their unique bioroids. Modding is also available – everyone can upload their own textures and decals for an even more personalized look.

Check out the Bioroid User Manual for samples!

Everyone finds the right gear

Players can choose from hundreds of ranged and melee weapons, armors, shields, and utility items matching the skills of their bioroids to achieve the ultimate combos! There’s also a wide assortment of grenades and mines, loads of add-ons to make every armor and weapon truly unique, as well as cybernetic implants, spycams, mines, detectors, drones, and boosters to fit squad or solo strategies.

Check out the Herogrinder Equipment Catalogue to see our tech!

Simultaneous turns with infinite outcomes

All players choose their boiroids’ actions during the same command phase so there is no wait for others to act. Action outcomes depend on numerous conditions like initiative, readied actions, attack/skill/resistance success or failure, awareness, light/arena/character conditions, feats, and much more. The variability of outcomes in each round is almost endless, but success depends on how you take advantage of your bioroids’ optimized skillset and the environment to overcome your foes.

Rearrange and use the arenas

Each arena is meticulously designed with a range of strategic options – doors, switches, covers, cameras, AI drones, lighting panels, and area effects that add to the overall complexity and lethal nature of the game. All walls, doors, covers an switches are destructible, while covers can also be moved around for strategic positioning.

Design your own arenas

Do you want to be an Arena Engineer? You can design your own arenas with the Arena Creator Tool and share them with the community. Other players can vote on their favorites, and the most popular ones will have a chance to become official arenas in the game.

Available game modes

  • 1v1, 1v1v1: Command a single bioroid, or a squad of four bioroids against one or two opponents.
  • 2v2 Co-op: Join a teammate with your squad of four bioroids in a co-op battle against another pair of players.
  • 10-Player Deathmatch: Enter the arenas with a single bioroid to match your skills against 9 other players, each commanding a single bioroid.
  • 4v4 Co-op: Join three teammates with a single bioroid to play against another team of four players commanding a single bioroid each.

You can invite your friends to join any of the available game modes either as opponents or allies.

Classified content

There are some things we dare not speak about… Things you must experience for yourself to truly comprehend if your sanity allows. As Comte Julian d’Erlette of the Knights of St. George noted: “The skeptics want to be ahead of their time, the skillful achieve the common goal, while the knowledgeable prepare the Elder Sign.”

Synthwave soundtrack

The stylish tunes for Herogrinder were produced by Daniel Deluxe and Dynatron. Listen to their retro vibes on our website.

Herogrinder is a free-to-play game that does not feature paywalls, loot boxes or pay-to-win solutions.

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