Beyond Chapter One

I can’t get to Chapter One I started playing the new Elite: Dangerous DLC yesterday Beyond – Chapter One… after I spent a couple of hours setting up my controls. In the […]

Off to find the Discworld

I’ve been playing about with some python code, having creating a few (useless) Reddit bots, I might look to publish the code as sure others would like to do similar… although all […]

Elite: Back to Ball Dock

I haven’t played Elite for a week, after the ‘Ball Dock Clipper Incident’ In exile from elite I’ve been visiting Arkham in Batman: Arkham Origins, and enjoying the change in genre and […]

Battle of Lugh is over

I finished in the top 70% percent in the Federations Battle of Lugh; I didn’t show the greatest commitment to the cause, so quite stoked with the 7 million payout + bonds. […]

The Spear of Lugh

I’ve spent most of my time in the Elite: Dangerous universe trading, space trucking valuable cargo on short efficient jumps, getting a feel for the engine and saving up enough credits… to […]