Beyond Chapter One


Beyond Chapter One

I can’t get to Chapter One

I started playing the new Elite: Dangerous DLC yesterday Beyond – Chapter One… after I spent a couple of hours setting up my controls.

In the end, not for the first time, I plugged in a PlayStation 4 joypad. This time though Windows 10 and Steam identified the pad, rather than having to use a third party piece of software… who iirc I’d contributed to in the past.

It was late, so no time for space travel last night; today when I’ve booted up Elite: Dangerous I can’t log onto the server.

At first I thought it was my password that I could have been entering wrong, due to my keyboard has bust, I’m now running with a spare on which the top row numbers don’t work, and in turn the symbols.

Resetting the password didn’t work.

The time was wrong on the desktop, correcting this didn’t help.

I’m guessing the popularity of the update is bringing back the user base, and living in the arse end of beyond I’m too far from the servers, so one of the first to be dropped.

I hope to have the chance to play over the weekend, let’s hope the servers are quieter.