Trump Twitter Bot


Currently working on a new bot, gpt-2 117M Fine Tuned on Trump Tweets 🙂

Extracted tweet history from the Trump Twitter Archive, limiting the extract to solely Trump tweets.

This gives me over 25k lines to fine tune a model on!

It’s currently running and producing some interesting examples, and I can’t honestly tell if they are real or not???

Here are a few examples for now:

I know plenty about women and how great their wardrobe is. Dress to impress!

When I was a student at Penn State I had fun making the school feel like a great institution.

Why should women be the subject matter of conversation when it comes to our culture’s attitude toward women?

Women are the number one consumer in the U.S. on shirts ties and suits and many other things in life.

The Fake News Media has just hit out at @FoxNews @washingtonpost for refusing to consider my interview with my son @EricTrump on the cover of their failing @nytimes newspaper which I did. What is the point of that?

If my @MittRomney was so ungrateful for his pathetic response to my speech at the 2012 @TrumpWaikiki @GovChristie & @GovGolfMagazine poll you would have the White House

As our country continues to rebuild we will be able to see the beauty of your own achievements at the White House–and maybe someday Obama will remember

Congratulations to @billmaher on his very big win in Alabama. I am truly proud of you!

The media is not only dishonest but dishonest in reporting everything which I said-and many of the things they said–the press is totally biased against me

I am a very careful man. I love and respect people. I have a firm belief that there is never an excuse for not doing certain things.

Why does the media treat me so bad and not give the questions a good read. They are all talk and no action! #CrookedHillary

Considering limiting the tweets to when the orange buffoon has been President, to see if the content is more focused, but I’ll let it run for a while yet.