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Thought I’d ask the Trump Tweets Fine Tuning model a few questions 🙂

All results un-edited

Model prompt >>> build a wall

to protect against new Mexican people breaking into our country!
Wall at our Southern Border is being built by contractors @AgComm Partners & is expected to cost a fortune. So many red tape checks and approvals necessary to build a wall (not an easy task).
In January our country experienced the coldest weather in decades. Can you imagine if I donated $100 million to Texas to rebuild Army/Navy and live south?
The G.M. inspection showed the renovations to our country’s crumbling infrastructure (in Dallas yesterday) were the worst in 10 years. DO NOT LET US GO!
While we are at it just found $13 billion the $1.2 trillion trade deficit and $1.55 increase in Medicare. Do we even NEED $13 billion or is there something seriously wrong?!
It is so unfair and disgusting to the great people of our Country that you can watch NYC’s failing Mayor Eric Schneiderman trying to get money out of his mouth that way!
How can a charity that helped you for many years if they don’t give you any money after you helped yourselves for many decades?
I will be on @foxandfriends this morning at 7:20. Enjoy!
Will be doing Fox & Friends tomorrow morning at 7:00 – got an A yesterday. Will tune in!
… Regular people buy A.G.s at a fraction of the price because they don’t have to. Major A.G. construction is done which creates more jobs. Stay at home!
I was pleased to see the endorsement of Rick S/colleagues from Macy’s….we will all miss the S.M. and hold Ricks wonderful event. BIG POLL
Macy’s ’s sale sales are the biggest job-producing brand in the U.S. Josh Greenblatt President @BloombergMets! Macy’s’s is doing really well and is getting lots of credit for being number one!
My son @EricTrump will be on @foxandfriends tomorrow morning at 7:00. Enjoy!
Martha Corkel and I have a very simple dream: to give everyone great clean air and clean air quality health care coverage. I will build the Wall. Now we have a dream…
….Trump is the perfect messenger person for the job competing agenda. But big & beautiful airports are so easy to get….
I look forward to meeting @Macy

Model prompt >>> lock her up

“Donald Trump: ObamaCare ‘Fight’ Not the Democratic Primaries” http://t.co/opVjXwhK2
Obama’s gas tax hike is creating 48000 new jobs & 400000 new jobs in ‘new & expanded’ Medicare & Medicaid. Repeal & Replace with the #RightTHX package. REFUSE to do live tradeshows!
“@TheRightSox: Isn’t the @RNC good news. It’s not being asked to do late night @TonightShow anymore.” It just wouldn’t work.
.@GiulianaMarsic: “@realDonaldTrump How much money has @RNC wasted today on incompetent leadership? Crooked Hillary’s spending about to increase $725M on new sports training facilities http://t.co/6oTMqDvs8”
Is this really the best America has ever known a bully who never attacks but always gives a child – I’m looking at you @Damacronaut!
GREAT @seanhannity show! Anybody but Donald Trump. Thank you!
“Highly Educated And Highly Qualified All Great Americans.”That’s what Donald Trump says about me—I built it!
“@TrumpToronto: ‘Great Job Donald Trump proves once and for all you don’t need political talent to succeed.”
Our Generals did not start this on a Saturday. They didn’t start it on a Saturday. It started when I was President! Watch: http://t.co/CFdaZrPru
“Lightweight Joe Girardi has his sights set on a job at @TrumpDoral.” That’s why he bought the failing @Doral in 2013. It’s what he should.
Twitter has the potential to create an amazing social media network. Major redesign @ TrumpDoral immediately (hopefully) and much more!
Lightweight @JoeGirardi is fighting for his $1M-plus lawsuit against me and @TrumpDoral.Girardi claims golfer accident killed him.Golems $”s failing.
Lightweight @MikeVey on @FoxNews chokes on his biased coverage of me. A**k my facts so they don’t get pickedleingly fired @TrumpDoral.

Model prompt >>> fake news

–& Where is the outrage?
…..In the end that is up to the New York State Attorney General.
“Failure to Report is the exact word used by the Bush appointees….and by many others…” 1 https://t.co/NtPcjuvP7G
Pres. George H.W. Bush who nominated me ended up getting caught lying to Congress. He was a total failure!
.@newtgingrich said about me a long time ago…He is a legend in his own right. You would think he would speak his mind! #THUMP
The New York Times is a propaganda machine – they almost certainly did not design this garbage out of thin air!
Hard to believe that a father would do something the reflexive result of a crisis such as this – and the father is exposed.
Via @DailyCaller: “’A Fighting Chance Donald Trump Could Be on Global TV’” http://t.co/8UjAxnUTfu
“Retail Sales Up Global by Thousands in Just 21 Days” http://t.co/zhhcQRvzjq via @businesswire
#NYCaucus #FlashbackFriday http://t.co/OyWe8cGkhA via @todayshow by @SarahPalinUSA
Real World Ambassadors are critical of Israel’s failures. Yet our very strong A.G. can’t get him to cave on Iran…… http://t.co/zT83w17PBTT https://t.co/g1ALcextFm
With Donald J. Trump’s charity Trump Chicago the @trumpkidsgoofy created a GoofyToyota. The duo of Donald & Thaddeus — each 10 years…. http://t.co/X9K7mbVLYq
As a Congressman I appreciate the hard work and dedication of my colleagues in the House and every member of the @GOP.
….and office. I am proud to have been elected to serve as Administrator on the Coast to the Moon and then to take over the job of inspecting…
…. Mar-a-Lago

& here are the first 10 unconditional samples generated by the Trump Tweets Fine Tuning model 🙂

======================================== SAMPLE 1 ========================================
And now for the big news—we bought the record 13th season of All Star @CelebApprentice!
The Politics of Victory
In the debut season of All Star @CelebApprentice we get an even bigger surprise—the buildings of the Trump Plaza Hotel & Tower will be a massive hit.
$25 million dollars to the taxpayers of Scotland’s Plaza Hotel & Tower. The median salary there is over $250K every month. A mess.
The ballgame plan of the Yankees was totally blown up by the fans last night. There was no fun in it! What is going on with the Yankees?
With phonemes for dumb statements like this one nobody is copying the President-I am copying them dummy. Get used to it.
President Obama did indeed take pictures of his servants—it’s not presidential you dummy.
“We haven’t seen the President yet we should clue him in as early as possible.” – Alec Judd
Can you imagine if Jimmy Carter lived to be 94 years old today and the Supreme Court ruled against him in favor of ObamaCare.
Beneath the Pacific Ocean in the East Sea off the Korean peninsula the magnificent Ailsa resort-wow! http://t.co/ShiSc9yGN1
Here we go—Barack Obama warned against it and then launched a full-on attack on the White House—aghast.
@TrumpDoral offers luxurious Trump Home Deluxe living @TrumpDoral makes @todayshow the finest resort in US http://t.co/nmBxDtN7zL
He @MittRomney knows he can’t run against the wall-no easy feat. Waste of time & money. Time to put #AmericaFirst! http://t.co/xnW1TA49MQ
The United States should be a club of friends & foes! It’s time for real competition & teamwork! Let’s #MakeAmericaGreatAgain! http://t.co/KeH4etZWNv
ICYMI @AmSpec: “Donald Trump claims Donald Trump led ‘massive expletive-filled storm’ in Des Moines Iowa”http://t.co/f7L3T4tBTm
@foxandfriends int. on Trump Doral’s great course in beautiful West Des Moines http://t.co/x1RTc0Jyz5
People love spending Thanksgiving Day at @TrumpDoral. We are celebrating Thanksgiving eve with family & friends — not the kind of group that prides itself on being ungrateful.
“THINGS DON’T MATTER if you believe in your job (cont) http://t.co/lzsc3DhLdOU
In anticipation of his big concert & big #debate(hits)…http://t.co/DDhaKRPiQ
Remember when @TimTebow makes a general case about why Obama wants amnesty & massive taxes and yet doesn’t say anything about jobs?
Congratulations to @TeamCavuto on being named the 2012 @GoldExpo!
Polls have shown that I am way ahead of the pack—my supporters are far smarter and much more informed than those monied interests
@BBCpolitics #TimeToGetTough
Does anyone remember this video of Ben Carson meeting a sad looking boy @JaySantorum in his office—stupid boy!http://t.co/ZTqfAtYKVU
My @CNN interview where I discuss my @CNN interview with @bloomberg and @judylights offstage & others http://t.co/QhPjdi5AOM
“Courage is being scared to death. That’s a good thing. . . fear is killing Americans afraid they may lose the battle if they don’t do what you love to do.” – Conrad Hilton
We deserve a “piggyfriendly” president by the Senate. That’s what America needs right now! Let’s Make America Great Again! http://t.co/x1RTc0Jyz5
US CitizensUnited lit up the world on Jan.S 2011—the biggest case of campaign & $’suck. It’s self funding & sold like nobody thought they’d pay.
Dummy @jaymamosie accidentally referred to me as “act of love” in a segment of his show in 2011 http://t.co/0ae9CBZX0
To keep ObamaCare going we need to keep taxes substantially the same as they were 10 years ago–relief money will start flowing again.
After defending the disastrous @DNC in oral arguments @Seanhannity should look at the real scandals in @RepFollowNC http://t.co/68uiSI
======================================== SAMPLE 2 ========================================
Kerry turned down an advance on his planned visit to Scotland.
Press Conference – Trump Nears 100 days without a win!
Why are you hosting Crooked Hillary Clinton? Her public image is being destroyed.
The Wall Street Journal editorial page is working overtime – not fair they never had any idea how bad and dangerous Obamacare was.
Governor Jerry Bob Banyard of California is doing a GREAT job for the people of California.
Thank you Reno Nevada!#MakeAmericaGreatAgain #BigLeagueTruth https://t.co/2eocXBbuJJ
All that money the politicians and special interest groups will give to a candidate is “EKP” not “LBJ.” Only “weakness of opponent” will do!
For all of her phony scandals and failures Missouri never had a KeSPA—very sad for country
I am in Reno Nevada watching Crooked Hillary Clinton put on phony “debate” ads in order to further damage Jeb Bush.
The media is not looking for trouble in our campaign so naturally I will be covering Missouri and all of the “robust” money they gave!
In order to MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN I am running a massive ad buy in order to MAKE MO NOT JUST EKP OF OBAMA!
I am in Reno Nevada. Should be great! #BigLeagueTruth.#BigLeagueTuesday #VoteTrumpBlue https://t.co/U2u7kBxO8w
Just out – Polls have me leading big nationwide in a central Ohio caucus. But BIG LEAGUE – don’t know who
@AP poll has me at 16%. Thank you! #MELANIATRUMP https://t.co/AKc2F3c4pJe
Go to http://t.co/HfELvQiHK7E to vote for Mike Krieger and @MELANIATRUMP. #TheTruth #DrainTheSwamp
Thank you Jacksonville Florida – this will be a great rally! #MAGA
Gov. Kasich of Ohio gave $5570000 to charity in his presidential campaign – one shill for Crooked Hillary Clinton. He needs help!
Early last week Twitter Facebook and Google announced that they no longer allowedFrame- less than 1200k views of the final result!
In today’s #trumpvlog I answer your questions about how we should get to the HONORABLE goal I’m #1 in all things (political). https://t.co/isAcrendGc7
After Crooked Hillary said that she would fight harder for jobs jobs and ALL she has ever done she already has a perfect WIN! Americans first!
Big League Politics!
We need to stop the illegally brought drugs and crime from our border. Illegal immigrant crime is going to continue. We need to build a WALL! #BigLeagueTruth
Crooked Hillary is always making “mistakes”- she just is not presidential material! Just watched!
Moderator: Hillary’s Emails Emails what does the media say about her! She suffers from BFF’s Syndrome-I wonder if she ever told truth!
Crooked Hillary Clinton knows global warming is a problem-you stupid fool! #MAGA
Crooked Hillary Clinton knew that the Occupy Wall Street movement was about her husband not him-but she did nothing about it. #BigLeagueTruth #BigLeagueTuesday
Crooked Hillary Clinton’s “cousin ring” with Bill is bad enough but her husband still took thousands of $’s worth of campaign contributions from (cont) http://t.co/xLM5VbOUh9
I never question Barack Obama’s birthplace but use Crooked Hillary Hillary as an example. Bill took millions of dollars from Crooked’s cronies-now (cont) http://t.co/bo2PpWHjxA
Crooked Hillary Clinton is spending millions of $’s lobbying on fighting Obamacare. She is letting the government take care of her husband-taxpayer funded.
Crooked Hillary Clinton put her husband & make him rich by making public endorsement of anti-Obama protest group #MLB Yesh Attys.
Crooked Hillary Clinton’s “political statements” on Iran have led many to question her leadership skills. #BigLeagueTruth #Trump Tuesday
A great honor to host the Boeing Martin Don Jr. family today at The Waldorf Astoria! https://t.co/d1cNtsWzny
I would like to wish everyone A HAPPY HOUR TO THE GREAT STATE OF BOSTON. I LOVE YOU ALL! @TrumpSoHo https://t.co/XxRcc8l8zW
I refused to go with the @piersmorgan to the WH as they had planned. In fact it was (cont) http://t.co/IqboH9
======================================== SAMPLE 3 ========================================
I still cheat…
Glad to hear Michael Jordan is not having to worry about his latest entrant for the ‘All-Star Celebrity @ApprenticeNBC’…
…sweat equity rivaling the stock of Nike. But I really hate when young entrepreneurs fall in love with an idea or business they have never heard of……<|endoftext|>The old saying “Go fast slowly have a plan and make better ones” is no longer working.
I’d bet our non-governmental organizations are doing very poorly without the Trump grant which will help our once great FWB especially with the large scale African American Crisis (CHA problem)!
At some point within the next 2 months will ObamaCare be able to go through the Senate and get approved.
Big announcement on ObamaCare on June 30th. Details to follow.
Good luck to Jeff Bozell today! We in Congress NEED YOUR STAMINA!
Wow listen to what Nancy Pelosi and her minions say when it comes to the Affordable Care Act. It is a disaster and getting worse.
Today a great honor will be held at the WH for WH Chief of Staff @PaulRyan_. He is a true winner who will build a STRONG and GREAT Conservative coalition!
One of the dumbest economic times EVER! The debt & real unemployment numbers are just beyond comprehension!
“The Federal Government continues to evolve as the economy continues to pick up steam. Large scale changes are expected in 2018.” @PaulRyanVP On The Record Address @WKCD3366 FAIR USE NOTICE
#FederalistDraft voting requirement @PaulRyanVP has Paul lead in the debates so be prepared!
Per @GreggJarrett: “blackmail” for @POTUSFAIRFAIRFAIRFAIR agents are strictly told to “Trust in God and Lord knows we’re in trouble?” Wrong excuse for Dems losing election!
Gerrymandered Trump North Carolina. RNC got involved & run out of money. It took them 3 years and $35M to get rid of a district with a 98% approval rating.
Old Post Office on Pennsylvania really hurting @paulpassant’s chances of getting re-elected. He’s weak on crime & border. @paulpassant @washingtonpost @paulfix
PC Post Office in Trump Tower is the biggest & best A.G. in the World. It’s alive & going strong – MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN!
Bob Kraft will be sorely missed by Kraft Family!
“No matter who is managing executive HISTORIC PAST is the best man for the job.” – Vince Lombardi
….I look forward to working with him. I greatly appreciate his support in going with A$AP Rocky. Vote now in upcoming election races!
“Price of Disaster is a complete disaster and will cost the taxpayer more than $9 billion over the next 10 years. It’s a complete & total failure. A total loser.” – Pres. Ronald Reagan
Do you believe Jeb & Marco can do it again—Jeb owns both!
“Jeb Bush’s Tax Returns Are Crooked And Here’s Why” https://t.co/xIRfmNnuRv
Unlike me Jeb and Marco can’t get elected with a majority of votes. They would be a disaster if they didn’t get the Dems going. But no thanks!
“Jeb Bush’s brilliant mind attributes the best of his friends’ insight.” Jonathan Turley @FoxNews
Can be divided on the Iraq War. Jeb pulls no punches and does an absolutely fantastic job. My move will be announced @IowaGOP http://t.co/WHUD8v2ro
“This is an extraordinary moment for the United States. Over the past 12 months $1Billion dollars worth of greenroom deals have taken place involving Iraq & six brave Americans. This is unprecedented!
Please join me LIVE in Charleston South Carolina: http://t.co/D8NzGqTIm
One of the dumbest economic times EVER!
We put America FIRST by bringing our troops & uniformed soldiers back home with our team. We have so much potential and we deserve all of it. Proud!
“When you have total weakness and total disloyalty and when America needs strength the world doesn’t just sees you as weak and deluded as it does you get it all the time
“But some of the things that are so appealing about Barack Obama’s so-called experience are true. He is unusually passive serious and somber.” -The St. Petersburg Times
“Trump Audience joins in droves http://t.co/Tnw0JN5FKT via
======================================== SAMPLE 4 ========================================
Greece’s debt crisis is being fully understood. After paying over 10% of GDP on that horrible debt agreement Greece now owes over 150% of their GDP on its highly sophisticated debt negotiations—a total mess.” https://t.co/Ol5EdXQIK6t
Economic growth is not the key to all of my problems. But if everyone agrees to be measured in real terms what I am trying to do about debt and the economy it will be greatly appreciated. Let’s make this a #TimeToMove! https://t.co/wENxvsIytZ
Happy New Year from POSSION – and THANK YOU for so many people coming over to our DOW! https://t.co/bxYipMICRvl
This is my absolute personal highest award… https://t.co/Hg0PmQsvPR
“President Donald J. Trump Recognizes One Year Anniversary of the Dakota Access Pipeline” https://t.co/MpJFM3s8W8
@shortbread_official More great posts by @TrumpRT @shortbread_official! https://t.co/6IOyMLg1it
DOW JUMP-I am Jumping along with the First One Looking very Much at @dennisrosie @politicalwire Daily Record interview with Trump – Enjoy!
Entrepreneurs: Tired of waiting and talking too much? Get out there and do the big thing! Make your own decisions for yourself!
Entrepreneurs: Don’t be afraid to learn. Be passionate and don’t ever give up! Do your best to keep learning so that you become a better person!
Entrepreneurs: Money has a certain ability only you have when it comes to money itself. Know yourself so that you can use it to good effect in life.
.@MELANIATRUMP’s @gretawire explains why @artisticallyreleaseddvd’s reign at Trump takes a proper turn in the ratings.She’s great & all! http://t.co/GLhibF6zz1
Don’t ever think you’d, It was just a hair. You may have forfeited the right to vote in the Presidential Election but lose for real the American Dream!
. @dennisrosie & his @politicalwire put on really great Trump pinstripes yesterday that were worn by many when I won the Presidential Election. Thank you Eliott!
More shale gas development in U.S. than any other month. http://t.co/Ind5bkEMoTA Not good news for the U.S. I simply don’t get U.S. shale boom!
.@DennisRosie is in trouble for the ridiculous comment he made about me yesterday on @politicalwire that my ears are better than his—just a haters’ and losers’
Hate speech by @shortbread_official concerning me in my Miss Universe Pageant yesterday. Why did they do that? Unbelievable performance by me.
I miss Long Beach California!#Trump2016 http://t.co/LoijY0pAVp
I’ll be speaking on the Miss Universe Pageant tomorrow night at 7:30PM over @CPACnews and @ACGOP meeting. Will be edited out!
“Time is money and energy is money and fun and putting it to use is energy money.” – Vince Lombardi
@extbot @DLoesch. Thanks for the nice statement.
@lucifer8498 @MLipesLeakes Hi thanks.
“What does Donald Trump have to lose by losing the Celebrity Apprentice? No game he did not lose. Anyone saying ‘you lose’ equals lose a big one!” – The Art of the Deal
Great evening in Trump Tower with @bobvanderplaats & @Loons247. #Trump2016 https://t.co/TScFqxJovt
Be sure to tune in to @hbo2020 tonight at 8pm ET on @CNN. A must see & always watch!
The Blue Monster is back in season 3. Now America dons the #NYMag50th Anniversary shirt! http://t.co/adA8WGjX3c
Trump Address: Verrazano-New York http://t.co/MzyRQgTe26 @DLoeschTV @DLoeschNBC @CPACnews @tomhanks
Check out the new cover- image for The Apprentice where Apprentice continues to shine. Also watch Miss U.S.A. – All talk no action! https://t.co/MrqTTwg8vY
“Successful people find success
======================================== SAMPLE 5 ========================================
I can’t believe the lightweight Republicans got caught eating dinner favors. Such a disgrace!
Senator Bob Corker the Chairman of the Senate’s “big three” just stated “the White House should serve out its final regulations and all associated memoranda. We should not have to pay a fortune for that.”
Photo from yesterday of President Obama and me – standing with Afghan National Army. Joint Statement with the Afghan Government. https://t.co/bVnJ7MnTi7
Entrepreneurs: See yourself as an organization. Be passionate and focus on what you do (very simple) and never give up! Remember success requires passion but it can be found wherever you go.
Entrepreneurs: Be passionate and think big. Plan your next step every day. Be flexible! Having fun is a good example–set the bar high!
Entrepreneurs: Work on winning new markets or new ideas. You won’t find winners unless you’re passionate about it.
Entrepreneurs: Find a business idea that you like and make it a reality. This could be an idea that everyone around you will love!
May the forces of good and evil elements be mostly versus us and the earth in particular and our civilization as a whole. 💜🇺🇸✅️https://t.co/B3BNw4l6YN
.@candaceatucking @SenJohnMcCain Great work John they are very thankful and thankful they appreciate it!
Excited by Peyton Manning’s charity drive in Colorado. Very excited to be @johnboehnerVP today-attending #SuperBowl. #BowlLegends
I will be live with Andrew Jackson in the Windy City this evening at 11:35 P.M. (local time).
“That if a hot dog stands the test of time at Trump National Golf Club on the Potomac River in Potomac Springs” http://t.co/Vn61UsEiqS via @WJLA
Via @WJLA reports: “Donald Trump: It’s Always Looser To Be A Trump” http://t.co/PKo5pHgs5b “Unless You’ve Been Gone for Too Long”
I will be live with Andrew Jackson in the Windy City this evening @ 11pm ET. Check the official website for my Super Bowl speech (a 15 minute drive).
Via @CNNMoney: “Trump: I’ve Seen The Lights Go Out In My Grand” http://t.co/4FONa5fRxp
President Obama is 94 years old & had a total other thing going on that made him look 100% fitter than he was ever made.—Donald J. Trump & Jon @berniebauer
Amazing – Pres. Reagan at Mar-a-Lago hosted a gala dinner for 200 children w/ @perezgangs http://t.co/VGxFlJVJ7y Our Ambassadors will not forget! http://t.co/X4gbJhGavan
At 6am on a Tuesday in 1969 @Harford Whippier is open and bushy may surprise visitors. Well behaved (and bushy hair)-looking!
Via @accesshollywood: “Trump Triumphs in Florida Turnberry Ranch” http://t.co/9WcO4dEos
Mr. Trump favorite Pinocchio Test- http://t.co/HBysPIKSx
I had a fantastic time w/state of Georgia at Hogan Why-the resort featured in @FallonTonight’s episode boasting 18 holes http://t.co/dEETB47Gn
Legendary @piersmorgan. Piers is terrific. A really nice guy. An international sensation loves it! @jonkarl Funny and smart!
Be prepared losers – President Obama made a decision that was morally wrong wrong (or selfish) & could lead to 11 million less in poverty http://t.co/hzQN4oLEZ
#CelebrityApprentice All-time 5-R PGA Open Course record 1407.5575 https://t.co/gbvsniIEQ8
OMG! Interview with @jonkarl from Trump International Golf Club Jupiter: https://t.co/arWwnIoHnG
Via @DMRegister by @JaimeZegarengue: “Donald Trump Returns to WSJ: ‘Weird’ Where the hell is skyscraper?” http://t.co/ZgvmztPXa
It’s been many years about news for the last @TrumpScotland & @VattenfallGroup—looks nothing like what it used to be—but it’s going fast!
Will be
======================================== SAMPLE 6 ========================================
SMASH IT! Don’t give us doubt in this very exciting moment how strong America is and our dedicated troops!
Congratulations to our very important and highly respected unit 77th Mobile “Marine” https://t.co/u25yMedU5U
I will be on @foxandfriends tomorrow morning at 7:55 A.M. Will cover “The Trump Card” as I go thru the Alabama win. Enjoy!
I am strongly considering doing a run for President in 2020 even if all of the Dems agree I will have done a great job. Lets just hope it does well!
…We can provide great healthcare plans rapidly with very big price reductions with the Freedom to Go Nationwide and Live By Your Own Option. Big lies by big healthcare companies!
Biggest illegal overspending in history by the U.S.A. not because of Hillary it was the GOP that bought the stories but the dishonest media that did the reporting. Total lie!
Congratulations to our Nashville Tennessee Memorial Day! https://t.co/1UwAKt0Y5g
U.S. Chamber of Commerce is one of the very best in the business world. We are one of the few companies able to hire new and create jobs here at home and around the world at a record pace! https://t.co/z5DsW58rWL
Bus and failing New York Times failed to report that their $3 billion dollar $ for each new job the U.S. added in North-South relations the last 3 years the most recent 3 yr. …
Welcome to the new reality! https://t.co/WqoCMqf0E8
Have wonderful grandees who are anxiously awaiting their momentous decisions! https://t.co/PwLOsOxBa8
The Democrats and Fake News often use the Hyde Amendment as an excuse not to expand ObamaCare. Hyde prohibits federal abuse—a shame since no other state allows it!
Will be interviewed tonight by @oreillyfactor at the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Conservative Summit moderated by @SteveScervoney @TheEconomicClub & All Things Considered. 6/21/17!
Great meeting with @oreillyfactor tonight on @oreillyfactor at the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Conservative Summit. More to follow.
Thank you!! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain https://t.co/7fhs8BiKb1
Just returned from Tennessee! #AmericaFirst #MAGA
Will be interviewed on @oreillyfactor tonight at 6pm! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain #TrumpTrain https://t.co/VkmGO3eknvI
Hope people read this – ObamaCare just became an AT LEAST 14X spread out over 2 more years. Those plans can now be ordered from Amazon.com!
My wonderful granddad @oreillyfactor tonight at the Harrisburg Pennsylvania Conservative Summit! 6/21/17 Great meeting & wonderful reception!
I am leaving for Tennessee — my wonderful granddad @oreillyfactor is there to see me!
I really enjoyed being in Nashville last night. A sold out crowd and a packed house. Big evening and looking forward to it!
As promised ObamaCare will now be easily accessible through state exchange. ObamaCare will be a nightmare to understand!
Just arrived for meetings & big speeches! #MissUniverse #TrumpTour #MakeAmericaGreatAgain
#AmericaFirst #AmericaFirst https://t.co/YngN4W09dA
Remain calm focused on jobs & foreign policy and don’t resort to violence. Don’t provoke or provoke anymore. It is all a mental game!
Great shot of @oreillyfactor at #MissUniverse #TrumpTourWithChrisBrown @ScootBrownTNG http://t.co/ubiVHzDi9u
#AmericaFirst #AmericaFirst https://t.co/3iAwWMf0EZ
Why didn’t Pres. Obama send troops back into Iraq after the withdrawal of the U.S. soldiers from there.? (cont) http://t.co/Og56mCHyI6
“We’re in a big Dem/Conservative Victory right now. Over 75% of Republicans and up from 50% a year ago. We’ve gotten NOTHING but NOTHING! @RT @iongPatriot:“Donald Trump: Iraq War ‘A National Remembrance’” http://t.co/Nrsk6c6Zm0
“Presidential Memorandum for the @WhiteHouse:” Joint Statement on Preventing Iran’s Invasion of Iraq” https://t.co/BGpYOqkfFx
It was another amazing night in Tuscaloosa Alabama! #TrumpTrain https://t.co/FFXEUW27U1
======================================== SAMPLE 7 ========================================
According to Townhall earlier today Townhall given Free Media in NYC http://t.co/W1mThjaHfq
I have instructed Governor Greg Abbott of Texas to refuse visas unless he gets a taste of the presidency. He has disgraced our country a FEW TIMES worse than Watergate!
…If I did meet @BarackObama I would not have built the VA – I would rather save taxpayers millions of dollars. This election is a choice between them: @MittRomney or @BarackObama!
I hope all of my friends and former enemies across the world vote for @MittRomney. @MittRomney has tremendous potential to rebuild our great country….
…and become the economic (and free) Energy Champion he so desired….
……You are wrong- @BarackObama’s plan to give tax breaks to certain energy companies will increase their profits and raise their wages while at the same time lowering taxes for everyone!
Thank you @JebBush. Make sure you get out and vote now – Mitt! http://t.co/uUGEMNWQqq https://t.co/lUSpphLrJA
.@BarackObama’s grandstanding has created the biggest job cut in history. http://t.co/wBHoJ2UFL http://t.co/N97nb77UM4
Why were the Saudis so happy when the US invaded Iraq? Lobbyists and foreign policy advisors said ‘he was so confident in himself and so confident he could win.’ #TimeToGetTough
Why would Arab countries be happy if US troops were killed in an attack with an aircraft carrier? Why wouldn’t they attack the newest and greatest invading force in the world?
An aerial shot of Lafayette ME- @BarackObama’s ‘Imagine America’ campaign speech. http://t.co/f3EwhQUBf8
Great @foxandfriends interview today on JOBS with @jonathonderson http://t.co/CR2lzTOKOS
Great to see @AGSchneiderman back at the @AGSchneiderman office. Working hard on behalf of our Country! https://t.co/2Urbpx86a4
Based on yesterday’s announcement and with the unprecedented #VolckerAppointment by @BarackObama @MittRomney he has been awarded both the highest level and the most significant economic and tax retaliation victory for 25 years!
The Brett McGurk Intel investigation is a charade. We have a Labor Department that is weak and corrupt and under assault by Democrats and Republicans for decades. IT WAS A JOB!
The MESS (murdering an animal) with the worst record in American history-the murder of Eleftherio Heller-tried to save her life at knifepoint – has more blood than any other animal in history!
My friend @GAUGE18 talks about the Olympic curse-horrible but no less beautiful- http://t.co/YeIxUvr8At
Social Media War Stories: The Mueller Files Headline WikiLeaks release http://t.co/St6VEIQ1rSc When will this stop?
#WordMeltdowns- @RepRye a Hillary flunky hiding a storied history- not nice! We had enough problems right now!
#WordMeltdowns @AdamGoode a great player who will make you proud. A smart and sharp critic. @foxandfriends
What do you think of the new @BarackObama sexting? Should he end it? http://t.co/11REY273fH6
The Russia hoax was a travesty of epic proportions and an assault on American private American life-thought like a web video …
Great documentary by @ericbolling featuring @BarackObama’s childhood vacations and trips- http://t.co/g2ezbatBka
@TPRedbubble I only heard that since when I joined the @GOP & are you happy. {“salon”: true}
My sons Eric and Don are having lunch at Trump Tower this morning- great kids. http://t.co/e1r5p4Mmf6
Fantastic afternoon in Humboldt Florida- today @TheJeffJeffNoll about the Midas Touch! http://t.co/96y0cCk7FH @TheJeffJeffNoll
Trump Tower Modern News desk will be opening soon — thank you! http://t.co/xb3pZEFbOv
Fantastic crowd and incredible enthusiasm yesterday on the launch of Trump Tower Modern News! https://t.co/1GDafUvUO8
Money pouring out of the giant plastic opening yesterday in front of Trump Tower towards tower so warm!
Yet another ObamaCare lie. ObamaCare premiums rising 15% in Wisconsin & hotels
======================================== SAMPLE 8 ========================================
Joseph Goerson is hot! I hope his legacy is as successful as his contract says! @dallasmavs
Spent the entire day walking back into the #HousingBowl with all my friends in a beautiful club setting surrounded by fantastic people. I love that it’s summer here in America and schools are starting to glow! https://t.co/EWlIPkhnVb
Today I pressed folks for their top sports strategy card & stated “I will win” and win big. Leadership & patience are key.” Thank you Joe. @FoxNews
My thoughts and prayers go out to the @FEMA @USMC Ambulance and their families. Remember the storm victims and the first responders & recovery efforts are just not getting started fast enough. https://t.co/o3BGsqRwGI
The highly anticipated game between the Detroit Tigers and Houston who just finished on the World Series Champions is now officially underway. Watch tonight & Sunday at 8 PM on NBC.
“Thanksgiving top of mind” IAmPower CEO Jeff Pood COO @EdRome. https://t.co/QbbwpXOjdl
New National Forbes National Leader REAL ESTATE and @RealSlashNRO among others by @jeremymcdonald at today’s @ForbesInspectoropen http://t.co/Wj8NUh346j
Via @CBNNews by @ReadNUCDaily2: “Entrepreneurial grit inspires visionaries” http://t.co/YmhfNCrDg9
“@SecShulkin: Have DOJ open investigations into China RE: Trump properties” http://t.co/UMhhb6RvZ0 via @FoxNews by Jason Kreigdt
.@Norad_Erekat: “You can stop global warming whenever you want but it won’t work in creating economic growth because it’s out of whack.” http://t.co/w1zbEONlJo
“@dhmemorium Hi John – I hope you agree that I am fighting global warming not the least of which is global warming itself.” @washtimes by @chucktodd
Via @mixmag by Ben Duncan: “Trump: I hear @NFIB is doing well in raising money for charity” http://t.co/WzeXcWIBAE
Good Morning America – 11 AM by comparison – doing far better if they play today!
Great idea @AndrewGirard a friend of mine @RedskinsRG!!! We will All-Star Game and be playing w/ @VinceMcMahon as our 17th President. Andrew is fantastic!
Great idea (by far) by @EricTrump in Daytona FL. Went to church two mornings alone. Stood in beautiful venue & looked for a job. Worked hard!
Great Predictor report on the first presidential election. Much higher confidence & higher vote total. More to follow. Wall is now secure! Need to total reclassification!
Good Morning America – 12 AM by comparison but with even lower polls just out Trump University!
“@expandetheclub @TrumpDoral CEO Fred C. Trump said his golf courses have the best facilities anywhere in the world.” Roger Simon @MiamiDRIVE
.@AllenWestnews and NSA Commissioner Kellyanne D. Sirk @JasonDovEsq a team of great men and women understand what it means to be a leader. #Trump https://t.co/WjBGoVdbV9
Thank you @CharlieRattan. See you tonight!
Congratulations @EricTrumpMA. @Bidenfda https://t.co/MJ7i9V0Nwt
Both @DROPPERMETAL and I will be live tweeting during my press conference for the Pres. of Iran!
Happy #DinnerNYC & More Openings: Avenue Q robo-call 312.836.6464 for tickets & more info. https://t.co/mTjU1wbLXa
#TrumpCollection https://t.co/CVNNUEoE1S
Just landed in New York! Come out and have dinner with some amazing people! #TrumpFdn
Congratulations to the 2018 @NMTeens Diamond & Green @All-Star @ApprenticeNBC contestants @RealKiyosaki and @Randy_Hill. Tune in!
.@Apprenticenbc Not easy. My best friend Derek is a solid competitor who is dope!
Just won a silver medal in the Scottish marathon at the United States Open. What a great honor
======================================== SAMPLE 9 ========================================
Benghazi? Obama lied to Congress about his ‘insurance policy’?!
“Never eat at the same restaurant twice.” — Henry Ford
@TheWebsterCollection Stupid little guy
@ssbaucken No he’s got a point! Makes me look like a fool!
My line from last night’s @ApprenticeNBC “You’ve Got Talent and it’s selling great” http://t.co/s5IyFbbTH
@pgaofamerica @THEGaryBusey Thanks Gary make them enjoy the show!
@RapAdeon http://t.co/s8WnOtdxS
Wow Oprah gave me a hard time backstage in her rerun of Celebrity Apprentice. It just doesn’t work!
@EvanHuyghe @RealJean_Georges Thanks Evan and good luck!
@MemphisPigs11 Thank you.
@aderi78 @nikkio Thanks. Love it!
Hope everyone enjoyed the show— everyone loves seeing new talent!
Was an amazing weekend at the Miss Universe Pageant in Las Vegas— fantastic family and incredible fans.
@MERC0CH7 Thanks.
@CNNPolitics Thanks.
Trump World Tower offers a 5 star hotel & elite amenities w/a premiere suite in Manhattan http://t.co/2wZgoYeTV
Obama lied to Congress about his “insurance policy”. What did he do? http://t.co/DPP3fcViRE
Excited for the fourth season of All-Star @CelebApprentice! http://t.co/IaYKA396lR
@NYWeekendNews Watching the new season!
If I’m not voted out at the big dogs they go out endlessly. Preferably losers!
We are getting rid of the coal dusting! Obama wants us to believe that carbon footprint is the main cause of global warming. He just made up a disaster.
Here we go again! @TODAY_Clicker http://t.co/y15jUGg54X
@jan_kallidan Thanks and good luck.
Our national debt is now full. At which point Obama wants to raise taxes to 185% even more–and more taxes will rise.
“Based on these facts Obama believes (cont) http://t.co/sJ8FXjsWYv
China is our enemy. It was my opinion that because China has so much debt and takes so long to build up that it must be curbed.
I don’t just want jobs–I’m also for the rule of law. No-one should be prosecuted for protesting (cont) http://t.co/yu12t5IH13
My @foxandfriends int. an interview w/@yankees in 1 week about why they should hold a protest march across the US. http://t.co/WAiQSUQrd
My @foxandfriends int with @EricTrumperv speaker John King this morning–and that’s really important. http://t.co/nenpJamow
@Cortes87 @SheriffNH Does anyone really believe that Crooked Hillary can do that?
That s–the real crime and corruption out there by the incompetent @FBI and her government mouthpieces is going on in the White House. She is corrupt.
Snowden is a spy. It wasn’t about him keeping secrets it was about giving credo status to leaker leakers everywhere
Our country is being run by drones being armed with guns. When will we learn? Is that the last we will have.
The greatest Witch Hunt ever going on largely out of political (cont) http://t.co/SQFwybeX
Via @BreitbartNews by @ronschreiner: “Former Trump adviser unmasked James Comey” http://t.co/u0ujxiYzl
Obama keeps giving speeches at Rockefeller University. We will all have to see if his tenure has cost America more (cont) http://t.co/TtkRkXPI
My @foxandfriends int. on how I will use the new information coming out of Charlottesville and the great effort at the FBI HQ.http://t.co/f0Q5TWDI
Be sure to watch my appearance on @AC360 where I explain how I will use the new information coming out of Charlottesville and FBI HQ.http://t.co/TTFUDAX6
Referees are coming to Clemson University looking to play golf and fight on the court. Will be a great event–great judge.
I hear the WORLD is warming up to
======================================== SAMPLE 10 ========================================
Michael Jordan is over for a concert w/ fans tonight at the O2! Respect him Michael Jordan: http://t.co/IbeGZbbGsMA
I think Michael Jordan will do a great job tonight on T.V. -much to my great and enthusiastic credit!
@pmaricot23 Not even close!
@pmaricot23 @SamShilton No one will believe how good Sam’s can be! She is amazing – VICTORY.
@alphakonstantvsky @cher Thank you.
@cher I will. She is amazing – greatly appreciated.
An abuse of court process!” @NBCNightlyNews Fan of the Year – now women viewers—are you looking for entertainment?http://t.co/rdBjkWh8T3
Iraq is a fiasco! The U.S. promised that Iraq would create 200000 jobsand get the W.H. so this gets done properly. Hope Obama doesn’t get caught
If @Falwell_NFL would stop playing when we lose we would have a great and happy franchise in the shape of our great quarterback @FalwellPR.
Our country is totally confused. If we send a Marine to boot and are forced him to drop and bow and say nothing (firing line) he gives away.
If @Carolina_FB is so badly beaten by current QB @stevanshaw_the will be a real deal tough night.
If the bad guy (I like watching) @billmaher rages against his team he won’t be around long for this NFL. Hope he is not too attached to his sick wife.
Here @BillMaher shows off some of his shirts art. http://t.co/IzYqUTjGoW
@husbandnoyle Hi Lara.
@BobSavic You are right it is amazing – I have met Miss USA and Miss Universe who do amazing shows. Take care of yourself and the best of all!
This is really a ratings scandal that should be dropped from the cards of every football team—and no players should hit coaches even though they know they are hitting (hit hard)!
At the Trump Winery in Westfield Ohio @BillMaher show you how bad his food is with his shirts and he lies!
What the HELL are u getting into about that malnutrition kid from Westboro Baptist Church performing in a small (no doubt destroyed) room— even a Saturday Night Live skit (with some slight editing)
@ilovialove Thanks David–you are a total winner!
Bull bad move by Tennessee. Graydon Carter who was with me from the beginning will no longer be there with the Republicans. TV ratings are terrible!
It is terrible that @KarlRove wasted $400 million of political contributions $400 million of which was given to his political enemies. Kaine will make a disaster!
You lose for a quarterback the defense and the offense the front and the star linebacker. Ryan Broyles had one hell of a year. Just think about how bad that would be for BHO
Just watching dopey dopey @KarlRove take hundreds of millions of dollars in campaign contributions from the beginning few months ago & never announced his 2012 reelection.
Looks like dopey @KarlRove and dopey @KarlRove have a book coming out called Karl Rove and the Business — it will be a great read.
@bubbwines. So according to Wikileakes you saw his “bull” & told me the only negative was the haters and losers
@Regis.Good luck Regis.
@MrsWall. Thanks Regis you are a total winner.
@Agostinelli.Wishing you luck.
You are SO FROGGED that Gretchen made a bad decision TODAY acting as her lawyer. Come to terms fast!
Looks like dopey @KarlRove has abandoned his campaign for the final ad hoc endorsement of a third party. He will make you look even worse!
A guy named @KarlRove turns down almost every donation to his favorite causes—even though dopey Karl Rove is giving him billions.
Excited to be going to the OH-KY Cotton and Ball State Rally on Saturday and Monday morning. Many people will be marching for @ReeditGov.
Too bad about 3rd parties…..perhaps a buyer……
@sarahunivieux. People should vote for her and support her in the coming election.
@mr_pink_dust. I will.