CyanogenMod Nexus 4

For the first time on the Nexus 4, I’ve installed a Custom ROM, and to date this was my largest fail yet. I didn’t brick the device, although the password for the […]

Nexus One PirateBox

Came across this thread on Reddit: Handmade Gadgets? This is my PirateBox After reading through a couple of links I’ve found that some guys here at xda-developers that have installed the necessary […]

CyanogenMod for Nexus 4

Cyanogenmod – Make Mako your own! destructions for installing Cyanogenmod onto the Nexus4 Cyanogenmod was my preferred ROM for my Nexus 1, after it was no longer supported for updates. Now I’m […]

first step to leaving google

I haven’t entertained the idea of leaving a google OS on my Nexus 4 until hearing about the tracking information, as this would lose functionality compared with 4.2.2…. until now 🙂 Cyanogenmod […]