Nexus One PirateBox


Came across this thread on Reddit: Handmade Gadgets? This is my PirateBox

After reading through a couple of links I’ve found that some guys here at xda-developers that have installed the necessary software on a Nexus1!

I happen to have a spare rooted N1 sitting about, running on Cyanogenmod. I’ve been using it to occasionally stream Pandora, but I am more than keen to see if I can build a working PirateBox from it… I can think of so many uses, certainly at work 🙂

Looking forward to seeing what I can put together tomorrow!

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  1. I couldn’t get this to work via the guide, although had more look with the in built Cyanogen Portable Hotspot. Only issue was that I couldn’t upload files due to memory issue… quite a critical problem really 😉

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