Late to the Super Meat Boy party


Looking for a change from GTA V today (sacrilege I know!), I went hunting through arcade games I have yet to give a try.

After reading a review on the new concept Steam controller, written by the creator of Super Meat Boy I was inspired to give his title a try.

First I don’t know why it has taken me nearly 3 years since release to get around to it?

My nephew introduced me to it 18 months or so ago, I maybe jumped about on the first level, and that was it.

This morning I’ve played through the first World, and can see why it has received the rave reviews (Metacritic 90%).

I love the play world’s physics, bold graphics, and what seems like a mix of a satirical plot blended between Mario and Sonic i.e. reach the princess, and destroyed wild life.

Think it is a game that I will love to hate over time; I like a challenge, but I’m glad the days of pixel perfect jumping are behind us 🙂

It’ going to be fun to see how the levels develop, and I do enjoy the change of the one shot attempt at a level, after having my hand held through GTA V’s auto checkpoints, which to be fair kept the film like narrative flowing.

First impression, I’m scared of getting into it too deep as I know there will be frustration, and that’s not what I’m lookng for in the few valuable hours I get to play