Elite: Back to Ball Dock


I haven’t played Elite for a week, after the ‘Ball Dock Clipper Incident’

In exile from elite I’ve been visiting Arkham in Batman: Arkham Origins, and enjoying the change in genre and gamestyle. Finally beating Deadshot last night, I feel I’ve earned the rights to return to space trucking 🙂

My Clipper currently has a hold capacity of 240 tonnes, but due to my reduced funds, and to cover insurance in case of another ‘accident’, I could only afford to shift 100 tonnes of Imperial Slaves, for 68k profit… it’s going to take me a while to make back the 4 million I lost 🙁

231 tonnes of Beryllium, for 306k profit, on my return trip will hopefully allow me to fill my holds going forward, Hail the Emperor, Bask in his Glory 🙂

Not sure what I think of the Clipper, expect it will grow on my, but I’m kinda missing my Asp