RDR2 update 1.12 Legendary Bounties


Legendary Bounties
Yesterday I logged on to see that new Legendary Bounties were available, I went through the story like mission to capture La Reina de los Banditos, Barbarella Alcazar. I didn’t quite manage to capture her without taking her out, and claimed the Dead bounty.

All good, and a nice healthy reward to top up the coffers.

Today after the patch loaded I visited the bounty bulletin board again, to find Barbarella’s bounty still available, bonza!

This time I brought her back alive, although I don’t think my bounty was quite as large, although I did have the opportunity to clock up heaps more headshots to up my rank again 🙂

Not yet sure if this is a glitch, or the bounty is available for a set period of time; whichever, it’s time to nail Banditos while the sun shines!

Edit: I got this a little incorrect; you can take out the bounties again, it’s just on a higher difficulty level!
Great opportunity to work on my headshots, and I still didn’t lose a life with a posse of one 🙂