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This morning I received an email inviting me to use Mozilla’s VPN service. Now I wasn’t really on the lookout for a VPN, as I’ve been more than happy with Cryptostorm for many years… but then I considered that for my mobile I’d give up a little privacy, for a bit more speed.

Installed easily, paid for a year with a gift card given to me by a colleague, and gave it a try… then I read the reviews 🙂

The Android app is slick, easy to use and configure. The service fast, providing servers in the countries that I usually use. But then I read that the Mozilla VPN sits on Mullvad’s VPN network, which is not necessarily a bad thing; I like their operational security setup, but it looks like Mozilla were charging more for the same service. I don’t mind supporting Mozilla, they do some great worthy things, but this got me thinking of the additional things I could do with a VPN, other than being limited to my phone.

Now Mozilla’s VPN service is fast, but the ping to Australia was faster than I’d like… and why would I want a good connection to Aus? Good question!

I’ve had a Nvidia Shield for about 5 years, great Android box, that has only been used for Netflix, IP-TV, and Retro Emulators; neber been able to use the Nvidia Shield GeForce service, as it’s not been available in New Zealand… but the Aussies get to play with it.

Nvidia Shield

Enter Nord VPN

So Nord offers a really fast ping to Australia from NZ, for a same price as Mozilla for 12 months, and an easy install onto Android, and the Shield! Mozilla offered a 7 day trial (thin they actually offered 30 days?), so I cancelled one VPN, and signed up for the next… same same but better!

The Nord app isn’t quite as slick, but it offers more servers, across more countries, a Tor Dark Web option, and the ability to chain a couple of servers together… and did I mention the lower ping 🙂

So now I have Nord VPN on my phone, running on a fast New Zealand server, and have it on the Nvidia Shield linked to Australia, plus Nvidia GeForce now connects! Accounts are now linked for Steam, GoG, and Epic

Now I need to figure out how to run all of these games!

Update: today I played my first game of Fortnight on the Shield, and I won!
I was so stoked, can only guess that I was matched with other n00bs… or my many years of third person shooters has finally paid dividends 😉