Britain’s Rwandan Refugee Plan


30 May 1994 Thousands of Rwandan refugees cross the border into Tanzania carrying their belongings

A Stain on History and Humanity

Genocide, not that long ago. Absolutely horrific. Well, wouldn’t you know it, now it’s set to be Britain’s shiny new dumping ground for those desperate souls – refugees clinging to life rafts as their countries implode. Bloody poetic, isn’t it? Not content with ignoring the plight of others until it was too late, now we’re outsourcing our guilt for past inaction!

It’s not a policy, folks, it’s a ‘closing down sale’ on what little remained of our bloody conscience. ‘Here, buy a truckload of human desperation – comes complete with years of untreated trauma, free of charge’. Oh, and we’ll even throw in the warm fuzzy glow of moral superiority at no extra cost!

Let’s not mince words, it’s just posh people speak for, ‘Let someone else deal with the fallout when these folks start washing up on their shores!’. We’re too busy polishing the silverware in our ivory towers to get our hands dirty actually helping with a humanitarian crisis. Out of sight, out of mind, that’s the British way, eh? Just ask anyone from our former colonies! History loves to repeat itself, doesn’t it?

‘But it’s going to stop those people smugglers’, they cry. And I suppose if these poor sods have no way to cross a measly channel, they’ll just… disappear? Problem solved, just poof, gone! It’s magic, I tell ya! It’s almost enough to distract you from our own government crumbling to bits and those posh ghouls lining their pockets at the expense of anyone on less than six figures a year. Can’t worry about that, though, ’cause we solved the refugee crisis. Look over there!

And let’s be honest, the real kicker is, we actually could take these people in. There’s housing if you take it off those property developers hoarding land. There’s resources if you stopped giving handouts to your mates in big business. But compassion’s never been profitable, has it? Easier to sell your voters the lie that refugees are the cause of all their problems, and not the bloodsuckers in Westminster. Easier to pretend this Rwanda shambles is anything but a stain on what’s left of our national reputation.

This isn’t about left or right, it’s about basic human decency. Treating human beings like parcels you can just reroute at will. Do we choose the country that once stood up against tyranny, offered shelter to those who needed it most, or do we become the heartless cowards this government so wants us to be? That’s on us, that is.