A Pondering on Elden Ring’s “Shadow of the Erdtree”


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Tarnished and Wayward Souls – A Pondering on Elden Ring’s “Shadow of the Erdtree”

Gather ’round, fellow champions of the Lands Between! A wisp of news curls and swirls from the enigmatic depths of FromSoftware. Yes, it concerns that tantalizing DLC, the enigmatically named “Shadow of the Erdtree”. Scant details may we have, but a sliver is more fodder for theorizing than a gaping abyss, wouldn’t you agree? So, let us dissect this morsel like a particularly cryptic map fragment.

The Spectral Rider & Miquella’s Mysteries:

The concept art speaks volumes… or rather poses volumes of questions. That haunting figure astride Torrent, spectral Erdtrees piercing a desolate landscape – the collective wit of our community wagers heavily on Miquella. Our golden demigod, slumbering within his cocoon in the depths of Mohg’s twisted domain. Could this DLC finally unravel his enigmatic plans? Shed light upon the Haligtree and the unyielding devotion of his sister, Malenia?

Time’s Treacherous Currents:

That desolate, decayed aesthetic… are we in for a spot of time travel, then? To witness the grandeur of the Lands Between before Marika’s fateful shattering of the Elden Ring? Perhaps even venture into the age of dragons or some other epoch whispered of in cryptic item descriptions? Ah, the potential for unraveling hidden lore sends a shiver down this weathered spine.

Outer Gods and Cosmic Intrigue:

Elden Ring dances upon a veil, hinting at shadowy figures beyond the stars. Outer Gods – entities of unfathomable power with motives and machinations veiled from our comprehension. Their influence echoes subtly throughout the base game. Might this DLC delve deeper into their cosmic games, dragging us unwitting pawns into a conflict beyond our understanding?

What Treasures Await:

Beyond the thrill of uncovering buried lore, a DLC would be amiss without additions to our ever-growing arsenal. Imagine it—wondrous spells imbued with forgotten magic, gleaming armor forged in bygone eras, and weapons born from the heart of nightmares. One fancies something monstrous, perhaps a blade wreathed in starlight or a staff crackling with the unbridled fury of storms. And let us not forget fresh lands to tread – be they twisted dreamscapes or hidden bastions lost to the relentless march of time.

Fresh Journeys or Returning Champions?

Worry not about casting your meticulously crafted character to the winds. FromSoftware has a knack for integrating their past DLCs seamlessly into the existing world. Picture it: a previously sealed tomb unbarring its secrets, an unassuming glade swirling with a mysterious new mist, or even a sudden shift in the very lands you thought conquered. Of course, a formidable challenge must greet us – these shadowy echoes likely won’t offer trinkets to the undeserving.

Alas, dear Tarnished, these musings remain but threads to a tapestry yet unseen. Hold fast to your runes, polish that +10 Blasphemous Blade (or your trusty club, let none judge), and ready your most cryptic messages. “Praise the Erdtree ahead?” Perhaps not in this shadowed case, but oh, the secrets we shall soon untangle!