Current most popular video games



Tried and True Titans

Ah yes, video games! Now there’s a curious phenomenon for you. These contraptions hold millions of people utterly engrossed, wouldn’t you say? Let’s have a gander at what seems to be captivating the younger generations these days… well, and some of the older ones too, I suppose.


  • Fortnite: Remarkable staying power, this one. Like a vibrant tapestry that constantly shifts and changes, with peculiar dances and guest appearances at that! All free of charge, which no doubt greatly contributes to its extraordinary reach.


  • League of Legends: My word, the competition this one fosters. It’s not just a mere distraction mind you, this is a battleground for skilled strategists. Quite complex, with ever-evolving rules and mechanics to contend with.


  • Counter-Strike… Global Offensive was it?: A steadfast stalwart. Players hone their reflexes and precision across countless virtual skirmishes. A remarkable demonstration of how an established concept can continue to enthrall new and veteran audiences alike.

apex legends

  • Apex Legends: Another battle royale type! These games seem all the rage. This one in particular has quite a… frenetic feel about it. Leaping about, and those special character abilities add an additional layer of intrigue.


  • Minecraft: Ah, now here’s something a bit different. Limitless construction! Entire worlds at your fingertips! Quite extraordinary just how simple ideas can lead to boundless creativity and amusement.

Console Champions

  • Grand Theft Auto V: Amazing longevity on this one. Though its wild virtual antics might raise a few eyebrows I suppose. The online portion seems particularly lively as I understand it, allowing those with daring imaginations to engage in all sorts of shenanigans.
  • Call of Duty: Ah, a perennial favorite, especially among console enthusiasts. Every year brings a new wave of relentless virtual gunplay. And ‘Warzone’, of course. Another battle royale in the mix, attracting astounding numbers of players!
  • FIFA: It wouldn’t be a sporting year without the latest ‘FIFA’, now would it? Remarkable attention to detail keeps these simulations feeling fresh with each iteration. No doubt those with a competitive streak find ample entertainment.
  • Nintendo’s Finest: One must take into account the delightful offerings from Nintendo! Mario, those adorable creatures in ‘Animal Crossing’… even that fellow Pikachu! Family-friendly fare designed to put a smile on faces both young and old.

A Word of Caution

Now, keep in mind these charts and trends change in the blink of an eye. It all depends on what game those ‘streamers’ choose to showcase, and of course, there’s the allure of a grand new release with exciting promises. Remember, though, it’s wise to research these things yourself to get an accurate picture. That website ‘Steam’ seems to have up-to-date records that might prove interesting.

The sheer scope of these virtual marvels never ceases to amaze!