Street Fighter iv Omega Mode


Ryu's counter
I’ve been playing far too much Elite:Dangerous!
So much that I missed this patch to SSFiv back in December!

Here are the changes, thanks to Eventhubs, now off to see how the changes work for my mains, and if they’re any new moves 🙂

Update: Detailed guide of moves here:

  • Ryu gains new Target Combos, more offensive and defensive options, and a move known as the Hanagashi, which simulates the Street Fighter III series’s parry mechanic; Ayano wanted “a showcase of Ryu’s moves from all of the Street Fighter games that have been released up until now.”
    • Ken gains several new kick-based attacks, including the Reppu Hadoken, and regains his infamous Shippu Jinraikyaku; this was designed to keep “his hands tied behind his back.”
    • Balrog‘s moveset becomes even more aggressive. His Gigaton Blow returns from the Alpha series as an EX follow-up to his EX Dash Straight. He also gains the Horn Breaker special command throw, based off his Dirty Bull, along with several new close and long-range options fitting of “a wild bull with giant horns”.
    • Sagat lives up to his title as Emperor of Muay Thai, with new target combos, feint moves, and the return of the Tiger Raid from the Alpha series, giving him even more tools to pressure and take advantage of his long reach.
    • Akuma gains the Syura Rengoku, a follow-up that can be used during a short forward Ashura Senku and acts as “another version of the Raging Demon.” Several of his EX Special attacks have also been retooled to significantly improve his air game.
    • Gouken‘s versatility and ground game are improved; his match intro animation is used in a special move called Fudoshin, a useful short-range combo tool, and his EX Gohadoken flies at different angles depending on the button combination.
    • Seth gains some new approaching tools; his EX Sonic Boom freezes before flying at the foe, allowing room for pressuring follow-up, and he gains Urien‘s Chariot Tackle, formerly only alluded to by his Focus Attack. His moveset is also tweaked for ease of use.
    • El Fuerte gains options for all six buttons during his EX Habanero Dash, including a more ground-borne Fajitas Buster. He also gains a new move called the Flying Nachos, as well as better movement specials and a higher jump.
    • Rufus becomes a faster, almost new character entirely with new target combos and the addition of the Dynasty Dash, a forward slide with three punch button-based options: the speedy high-aiming Mach Back Knuckle, the Peerless Palm, and the slow-but-powerful Premium Tackle. The latter two can even punch through armor.
    • Cammy lives up to her “Killer Bee” moniker, becoming an airborne fighter that can “dance like a butterfly, sting like a bee!” She has a reworked Hooligan Combination, a launcher called the Killer Bee Stinger that takes advantage of her mobility and sets up combos, and a specialized Cannon Strike (called Target Strike) that can cause hard knockdowns from the air.
    • Fei Long moves away from his Rekkaken-centered play style and becomes a “one-hit wonder” with new moves evocative of his hot-blooded style; he gains the powerful Ryuogeki, a high-risk Armor Breaking backfist, and the flaming uppercut Syoenryu, which can launch foes for combo set-ups.
    • Dee Jay goes “back to his Jamaican roots” and becomes a full-on command character; his moves are retooled to emphasize his dancing. He also gains new command normals, target combos, and a new approaching tool in the Waning Moon, a flying crescent-moon kick.
    • Sakura regains the Okakyaku, a dive kick that has appeared in previous games and can dive at varied angles. She also gains the Hadosho, a stationary Hadoken that acts as a useful combo tool and can block projectiles, similar to Chun-Li’s Hakkei.
    • Gen regains his Mantis Chain Combo abilities from the Alpha series in the Kokukan, which he can cancel into various normals and certain EX Special attacks, including the new style-changing Setsunasen. His Mantis and Crane styles have also been overhauled, and the Style Change can be used like an EX Special, increasing his technical capabilities.
    • Dan expands his potential while retaining his usual character; he regains the Saikyoryu Defense, which allows Dan to retreat while blocking instead of pushing the opponent away, and gains the Danretsuken, a strike that can be followed with a short-range barrage of attacks if successful.
    • Guy‘s techniques are expanded to give him more ninja-like movements, including the Utsusemi, a ninja-style teleport counter designed for cross-ups, and a modified Hayagake; the EX version provides two new options in the Hagakure Ten and Hagakure Chi.
    • Cody is made easier to play, going back to his Final Fight roots; he regains his well-known glitch attack from the series in the form of the Final Combination. He can end the four-hit string of jabs with an uppercut (based on the similarly rooted A-ISM Final Destruction in Street Fighter Alpha 3) or throw his foe mid-combo. Cody also gains the Mega Crash, an invincible kick based off his special attack in the series that uses a bar from the Super Combo Gauge in lieu of health.
    • Adon becomes more of a ground-based fighter, with new command normals and specials designed to bring more out of his Muay Thai. He gains the armor-breaking Jaguar Bite, whose second hit can be Super Cancelled for major damage, and the Jaguar Claw, which provides combo opportunities if landed at close range.
    • Rolento‘s new moves complement his existing moveset and characterization, and are designed to make him a danger in terms of using meter; his modified Stinger lets the player control the jump arc. The knives can be thrown straight across the screen with two punch buttons, and he’ll attack with it if two kick buttons are pressed. Rolento also gains the Snare Mine, a short-range grenade trap that is the perfect set-up for his Stinger, among other moves.
    • Ibuki‘s ground game is further augmented, with several changes made to her moves. She also gains a “trapping” special attack called the Kagenui that stops the foe in their tracks with a kunai; the EX Special version uses two bars of the Super Combo Gauge to become the Yami Shigure, returning from Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike.
    • Dudley‘s Short Swing Blow becomes one of many follow-up moves for a new special attack: the Sway/Sway Back, which provides varying forms of invincibility, and can also follow into the new moves Cutting Upper and Step In, the latter being an alternative to ducking. Dudley also gains several feint moves to emphasize his boxing skills.
    • Makoto becomes a more “fury-driven” character: her Tanden Renki now requires only a half-full Super Combo Gauge, unleashes her true potential, modifying most of her special attacks and basic movements for offensive use. Its startup time and duration are also based on the amount of meter used. She also gains a couple of special moves: a Tanden Renki-exclusive parry move called Kumohara, and the powerful Armor Breaking headbutt, Isana.
    • Yun‘s existing moves undergo several changes, and he gains two special moves designed to setup most of his combos and offensive opportunities. The Shukuchi Rimon Chochu is a dashing special attack that works well with his Genei Jin; during the EX version, he can use an extra bar of the Super Combo Gauge to perform the Renkan Shoko, a launcher that can provide prime combo setups.
    • Yang becomes more of a counter fighter, gaining the Honshin, whose counterattack changes with the buttons used (including the EX version). Yang also gains the Rengeki Tourouha, an enhanced EX Tourouzan that uses two bars of the Super Combo Gauge to perform a powerful multi-hit strike that can easily be comboed into.
    • Hugo gains more defensive options against rushdown strategies, including the anti-air Victory Column, based off one of his win animations, and the Diamond Body, a parry move that works the same as Ryu’s.
    • Elena is balanced to take advantage of her low-to-mid-hitting approach, and her existing moves have been given more flavor. She also gains the Giraffe Neck, a downward-angled handstand kick that acts as an excellent, hard-to-read overhead, and the Sylph Amulet, a Super Combo that calls upon the power of nature to draw the opponent in with wind and blast them away. Ayano suggest that “there’s something else to the move”, but decided to leave it as a surprise for players to discover.
    • Juri further utilizes the explosive power of her Feng Shui Engine, gaining a few new options for mid- and close-range attacks. The Jyafuten is a Fuhajin-styled attack that produces two different follow-ups based on how the button is released; moving forward and releasing the button unleashes the Fusatsusen, whose properties depend on the kick button used, while moving backwards uses the launching Shotenha.
    • Hakan becomes the “slippery king”, gaining the ability to cancel out of many of his current moves and perform feint variations. He also gains the Hakan Launcher, which can create an opening for Oil Showers, and the Hakan Splitter, a slow-but-powerful overhead.
    • Evil Ryu gains the Rakuyo Hadoken, which flies straight up and then down at an angle; this gives him a “jump-free” Zanku Hadoken. He also gains a more powerful version of the Ryusokyaku called the Ryukosai, which uses two bars of the Super Combo Gauge to hit multiple times, breaking armor and striking over head. Many of Evil Ryu’s new Target Combos can combo into the Ryukosai.
    • Oni becomes a “demon dancing through the sky”; he gains a powerful air option in the Kyoseijin, which uses the same jump as his Sekisei Jiraiken, and can also follow-up with this and other moves like the diving kick, Tenma Rakuseikyaku, or a Zanku Hadoken. Oni also gains the Mu, a Shoryuken-like move that breaks armor on the first hit and locks the foe into the rest of the move.
    • Poison becomes a more projectile-oriented character, with a heavily reworked Aeolus Edge and an “automatic” EX Whip of Love with an electrifying final strike. She also gains the anti-air Honey Trap, a stun-heavy projectile that can set up for her other high-stun moves; the EX version uses two bars of the Super Combo Gauge for something that Ayano decided to let players figure out on their own.