Final Fantasy XVI: Masterpiece Head-Scratching Finale



After what felt like eons I’ve finally finished Final Fantasy XVI; what a wild ride. Square Enix has pulled out all the stops, delivering a dark, complex, and action-packed adventure that redefines the Final Fantasy experience in almost every way.

A World of War and Intrigue

Final Fantasy XVI transports us to the world of Valisthea, a land divided by warring nations that draw their power from mystical Mothercrystals and the unique humans – Dominants – bound to the Eikons, immensely powerful summons. Clive Rosfield, the game’s protagonist, embarks on a journey fueled by revenge and entangled in a political chess match threatening to upend the very foundations of the world.

The story of Final Fantasy XVI is its strength. The mature narrative is packed with betrayal, war, and a gripping exploration of complex themes seldom seen in the series. You’ll never find yourself bored with the characters and their journeys as they become entwined with the fate of Valisthea.

The Eikon Wars: Action Redefined

Gone are the days of turn-based combat. Final Fantasy XVI pushes the franchise into fast-paced, stylish action reminiscent of titles like Devil May Cry. Using Clive’s array of abilities and switching between summons – Ifrit, Phoenix, Garuda, and many others – creates a battle system that feels fresh, frenetic, and deeply satisfying. If you’ve ever desired an action RPG within the Final Fantasy world, this delivers and then some.

The Eikon battles themselves are jaw-dropping spectacles. Square Enix has outdone themselves; these summon vs. summon duels fill the screen with devastating displays of magic and might.

A Dark Beauty

Visually, Final Fantasy XVI is stunning. From the detailed character models to the expansive landscapes, Valisthea feels alive and rich in detail. However, be warned, this game doesn’t shy away from dark imagery and themes. Its ‘M’ rating is well-deserved.

And of course, as every fan expects, the musical score is incredible. Composer Masayoshi Soken expertly sets the tone, whether it’s grand orchestral pieces during high-stakes battles or hauntingly beautiful melodies when exploring a ruined, abandoned town.

The Puzzling Conclusion

My love for Final Fantasy XVI shouldn’t overshadow how puzzling the final chapters turned out to be. Without delving into major spoilers, the plot takes twists and turns that make sense as they’re unfolding, but upon reflection, seem rushed and create inconsistencies within the world and characters. It’s as if they decided to go in unexpected directions without a solid payoff. Even after reaching the credits, many questions lingered, creating a slightly disappointing taste compared to the rest of the journey.

A Must-Play Despite the Ending

Despite the head-scratching conclusion, Final Fantasy XVI is a must-play for any fan of the series or of action RPGs. The incredible action, stellar soundtrack, and mature story outweigh the questionable finale. Hopefully, future DLC or maybe even a sequel can flesh out the plot points that have left so many wondering.

Let me know if you have any other thoughts or ideas about the game!