Watch What Might Be The Biggest Space Fight In History Go Down

4000 ships in 6VDT
As cool as looks it’s still not enough to entice me back to Eve.

Sad to see the Reddit guys get beaten though, I’ll catch up on theĀ  politics and gossip later.

Here’s a link to a word from the front line /r/Eve/TheFountainWarof2013

And here’s my favourite KSP guide Scott Manley‘s Fountain War Diary… I love his passion and excitement, punctuated with his little giggles. I find watching this better than playing the game.


The months-long “Fountain War” in EVE Online creates largest online space battle ever

EVE Online’s largest space battle ever ended this past weekend after 8 straight hours of spaceship destruction and over 4,070 players from around the world fighting in a single solar system.

The Battle of 6VDT-H, between the CFC coalition and TEST Alliance and allies (all of which are players), was one of the peaks of a conflict that started with the release of the EVE Online: Odyssey expansion and resource redistribution of natural resources around the universe. Spaceship politics and intergalactic industry follow the most profitable route it seems, much like in real life. To read the original declaration of war, check out this site.

We wanted to make sure you didn’t miss out on this amazing part of video game history, so we hope you take a look at the recent developer’s blog detailing the background of the conlict and some statistics from the unrivaled battle itself. The blog includes some great links for further reading and assets to help in your coverage.

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