Piratebox v1.0 afloat


Piratebox v1.0
Finally I have the Piratebox v1.0 working on the TP-Link 3020 🙂

I had tried redownloading the install_piratebox.zip file, and the 3020 firmware, and running through the step by step instructions with no luck 🙁

I sat like a doting puppy watching the flashing green lights, leaving the box for some times up to 45 mins!

Once I dug into the log file though, I could see where the install was erroring out… I felt even more foolish when it indicated it was only just after a minute 🙂

Error message:

root: /bin/box_installer.sh : ERROR: /mnt/usb/install/auto_package is not set

After a StartPage search (I’m trying not to use any google services!), I found this solution, thanks Matthias, you are certainly the captain of the Piratebox galleon!

mv /mnt/usb/install/auto_package_done mv/mnt/usb/install/auto_package

This didn’t quite work for me, I had to open the folder, and then copy / rename the file.
But after the installer began to run it was over in no time.

Time it took me to install Piratebox v1.0 ~ 12 hours of messing around watching the blinking lights
Time it actually took the script to run ~5 mins 🙂

So my box is now all setup, and ready for the next geek day out.

I’m now looking into adding the Piratebox message board to a Hidden Service 🙂