Second look in the Mirror


Wow, who is not excited by this?
The graphics look fantastic with the first person view signature white / red colour pallet, and Faith’s moves look more stunning and fluid than before.

Although Mirror’s Edge 2 will be a first-person action adventure, it “will be a different Mirror’s Edge than you have seen before”, according to Patrick Söderlund, executive vice president of the EA Games Label.

And if this isn’t exciting enough it’s apparently going to be Open World!

The bad news?

You’re going to need a fast PC or the next gen console to play it 🙁
Keep an eye on CVG’s Mirror’s Edge 2 page for news.

There’s a few xbox achievements I intended to go back for on the original, speed runs through the levels… maybe it’s time to get my virtual parkour skills back up to speed 🙂

Two cool Mirror’s Edge wallpapers available at AliveGameZone

Looking at the search strings coming into the site, sorry there’s no rule #34 here, it’s not that kinda site 😉