twice the number of twitter impressions


So something rather strange, although positive, has occurred this week; my Raspberry Pi hosted Python scripts are still sending out around 550 tweets each day, but the tweets are now receiving twice the number of twitter impressions 🙂

2.5 million twitter impressions

As you can see from the chart, impressions have approximately doubled, from ~100 to ~200 thousand each day.

This increases the last 28 days to 2.5 million organic impressions! I work with big data and I still can’t comprehend this number; 2,500,000, wow.

Looking through my recent tweet history I notice that now the bulk of my tweets contain #hashtags… could this be it?

So to each of you who follow me, and cast your eyes over the stream of tweets my lovely hard working bots produce, a heart felt thank you; I hope there is the odd nugget posted that you find of interest.

Tl:dr put hashtags on your tweets to increase the organic impressions

Now, back to anniversary Overwatch 🙂