Good Omens


The latest Pratchett, and Gaiman, TV adaptation – Good Omens

Good Omens, the genius of Pratchett’s with the twist of Gaiman, a collaboration made in heaven & hell. I find it hard to believe this was released in 1990, I’d been reading and collecting Pratchett novels before then, and this was my first intro to Gaiman

So now 29 years later we finally have this high budget adaptation of the great story, with quality actors and impressive special effects, as a “comedic apocalyptic” miniseries

Tennant & Sheen’s portrayal of Crowly & Aziraphale is perfect, it’s just sad to know that Terry never had the opportunity to see this 🙁

Although I’ve read all of Pratchett’s books, I’ve just realised that I’ve never watched any other visual version; time to see what I can collect, here’s the list

Truckers, 1992, an animated series by Cosgrove Hall.
Johnny and the Dead, a TV serial by ITV, 1995.
Soul Music, 1997, an animated series by Cosgrove Hall.
Wyrd Sisters, 1997, an animated series by Cosgrove Hall.
Johnny and the Bomb, 2006, a three-part TV series on the BBC.
Hogfather, aired by Sky One, Christmas 2006 as TV film.
The Colour of Magic, aired by Sky One, Easter 2008 as TV film.
Going Postal, aired by Sky One, Easter 2010 as TV film.
Troll Bridge, 2019, premiered at Flickerfest International Film Festival.

Terry Pratchett’s Jungle Quest (1994)
Terry Pratchett Living With Alzheimer’s (2009)
Terry Pratchett Choosing to Die (2011)
Terry Pratchett Facing Extinction (2013)
Terry Pratchett: Back in Black (2017, a documentary about Terry Pratchett)