Splash one Blazing Bull


I finally felt brave enough to load back up Sekiro 🙂
Sekiro - Blazing Bull
I’d left it where I didn’t want to face the Lady Butterfly, and the Blazing Bull was wiping me out in seconds.
My reluctance was due to me grinding to unlock skills, but I through Sen and Xp to the wind and bit the bullet.

After I’d overcome my fear I got into my stride; running through levels like back in Yharnam and getting into the hide, hit, and run shinobi style.

The Blazing Bull took only a couple of attempts, my main challenge getting familiar with the controls again. By Parrying when the bull dipped its horns while running towards Wolf, the bull would be stunned, allowing 2-3 hits; before I’d peg it back up the clearing to rinse and repeat this strategy.

Splash one Blazing Bull!

I’ve yet to go back to Lady Butterfly; but have been enjoying fighting my way through the castle environment. Sekiro now has the Loaded Spear equipped, and I’ve 3 more mini bosses lined up who are now slicing up my shinobi like a ninja bullet [Seven Ashina Spears – Shikibu Toshikatsu Yamauchi, Samurai General Kuranosuke Matsomoto, Ashina Elite – Jinsuke Saze]

The fextralife wiki for Dark Souls iii and Bloodborne was a great help, and I’ve just come accross this one for Sekiro which might help me along.