roblox tower defense simulator


roblox tower defense simulator

I’ve access to Sony’s Playstation cloud based catalog, Microsoft’s Xbox Gamepass library, Steam, and others I’ve forgotten… but the one game that’s consuming my gaming hours is Roblox’s Tower Defense Simulator, with my BFF / son 🙂

We’ve spent enough time, and a small amount of Robux, to build up our preferred inventory; and this evening I felled my first Fallen King! [ myself, son, and a lvl 0 n00b 😉 ]

I’m approaching level 50, and looking forward to Hardcore mode next… that my little co-pilot has already mastered :p

I’d like to share the inventory that I’m using, and I’m always looking for tips and improvements… but first for those who don’t know of the game, sorry ‘experience’ ;p

Roblox wiki – Tower Defense Simulator


Tower Defense Simulator is an experience created by Paradoxum Games (Formerly BelowNatural). Players must team up and spend in-game money to place and upgrade towers that fight different kinds of enemies. If the player(s) are overrun or successfully triumph, the game will end and all the players will have an option to teleport back to the lobby. As of December 5, 2022, the game has 2.2 billion visits and is the current winner of Best Game Trailer, for the 8th Annual Bloxy Awards, Nominee for the Best Content Update in the Innovation Awards and it was also an AJ Striker Metaverse Champions Game.

Game play

The gameplay follows a typical tower defense-style game. You as a player or group of players are tasked with defending your base from enemies on a predetermined route which leads to the player’s base. Players can place and upgrade towers and defend the base until they triumph or be overrun by enemies. When the game ends, the player will be rewarded coins (or gems in Hardcore mode) and experience points. They can use these coins, gems, or Robux to buy new and more powerful towers. There are currently 4 gamemodes, Normal (formerly called beginners), Molten (formerly called normal), Fallen (formerly called insane mode), Hardcore, 1 removed called “Golden Mode” (formerly called “Hard Mode”) that can currently be played (excluding events). Each difficulty will contain various unique enemies. Special event modes can also be played when they are in-game. If you wish to learn more about the game, then Tower Defense Simulator has its own Wiki page here: Tower Defense Simulator Wiki

So here’s my current selection… with a couple of options 🙂

Cowboy, with festive skin [I did collect enough candy canes to unlock all of them, although I couldn’t claim the engineer yet]

Both myself and boy fell in love with this tower from first site. Who doesn’t want cash while taking out the undead?

Cowboys Tips!

  • If you join the Paradoxum Games group on Roblox, you will have enough cash to place the Cowboy on wave 0.
  • While the Cowboy is decent early on during the game, you might have to switch out this tower with better towers later on.
    • Early on during the game, you may want to place down multiple Level 2 Cowboys because of their cheap price, and the cash increase of cash shots.
      • However, do note you may let some high health enemies go past your towers, like the Abnormal Boss. If your base health is not high enough to deal with these enemies, it is better to use Level 3 Cowboys.
  • The Cowboy can generate a set amount of money every 6th shot starting from Level 0.
    • However, this does not give as much cash compared to the Farm early on. If you intend to replace Farm with the Cowboy, be aware of this.
    • If you want to use this tower for farming, early on multiple Level 2 Cowboys can be quite effective.
      • Later on, be sure to upgrade it to Level 4 for additional cash, due to its way lower firerate, higher income and lower spin time.
      • The amount of cash earned can be increased even further with Commander‘s firerate buff.
    • While enemies summoned from other enemies, like the Summoner Boss, and enemies from Mystery enemies do not give money when attacked, they still count for the Cowboy’s cash shot, so the Cowboy can generate money that way.
      • Late on during the game, multiple Level 5 Cowboys, with the Commander, can generate lots of money from enemies like the Mystery Boss.
    • Additionally, you can increase the money earned by the Cowboy by placing it near the start of the path, ensuring that no other towers can damage enemies before the Cowboy.
    • While the Cowboy cannot damage lead enemies, like the Lead, shots towards these enemies will contribute to the Cowboy’s cash shot.
  • Due to the Cowboy’s short range, the DJ Booth can massively benefit this tower.
    • The DJ Booth can also reduce the Cowboy’s upgrade costs.

Commander festive

Commander – festive

I’m finding great synergy between the Cowboy and Commander. I’m not sure if the fire rates multiply for each Commander placed, but I play them as if they do, and it certainly feels that way.

This tower feels a little OP, but not sure if I understand the stat effects correctly… is it actually broken with the firerate bug?

Commander Tips!

  • Firerate boost is calculated as
    With the Firerate Bug:
    ((Original Firerate-Firerate Bug Increase) ÷ (1+Firerate Boost)) + Firerate Bug Increase
    Without the Firerate Bug:
    Original Firerate ÷ (1+Firerate Boost)
    where Firerate Boost is the boost supplied by the Commander in decimal form (for example, 10% is 0.1).
    • For example, a Level 4 Commander (25%) will decrease the firerate of a tower firing at 1.008 seconds to 0.808 seconds.
      • Without the Firerate Bug, the Commander would decrease the firerate of a tower firing at 1 second to 0.8 seconds.
      • While in the game it may look like the firerate is rounded up to the third decimal, this is only visual. The firerate is longer than that and is not rounded up.
    • The Firerate Bug increase is 0.008. For towers before the v1.1.0 Update, this was 0.03, for towers, before the Overhaul Update it was 0.05. For the firerate without the Firerate Bug, you can use the Firerate Bug page.
    • The Commander cannot boost the delay between firing a projectile and the projectile landing (and dealing damage) as this is not incorporated into firerate. An example of this is the delay between the projectile firing and landing for the Mortar.
      • This does not apply to the Paintballer as there is no delay caused by its projectile travel time.
    • The Commander can decrease the cooldown between shots for the Soldier and the Toxic Gunner.
      • However, the Commander cannot decrease the charge-up or cooldown time for the Accelerator.
    • The Commander also cannot boost Executioner due to the axe not returning in time to take advantage.
  • When placing a Commander, try to place it near to as many towers as possible as this will allow for a high number of towers to be boosted.
    • This is also true in reverse; it is recommended that you place your towers close to a Commander (if there is one) for the firerate buff.
    • This also includes cliff-based towers. The Ace Pilot and Pursuit can also be boosted, though their tower (runway and helipad, respectively) must be within range of the Commander.
  • Slow firing towers, such as the Rocketeer or Ranger, will benefit massively from the firerate buff that the Commander supplies.
    • Fast firing towers, due to them being heavily affected by the Firerate Bug, will have their DPS increased by a significantly smaller amount, making the Commander firerate boost weaker on them.
  • Placing three Level 2+ Commanders and activating their Call to Arms ability one at a time every 10 seconds is one of the most effective ways to utilize the Commander, as Call to Arms will be permanently active if this is done correctly, providing the 30% buff permanently.
  • You can increase the range in which the Commander can affect towers and the Call to Arms range by using the DJ Booth.
  • It is best to use the Commander’s Call to Arms ability on a high health boss (such as a major boss, like the Fallen King).
    • Be aware that some bosses have blocking abilities, meaning that a wrongly timed Call to Arms ability will be useless.
    • Additionally, you cannot activate the Call to Arms ability if the Commander is stunned.
      • To overcome this, the Medic‘s Revive ability can be used to cleanse the Commander’s stuns.
      • Alternatively, you can sell and replace the Commander. Do note that this will remove the passive firerate buff for a short while if there are no other Commanders placed down.
  • Be aware that you cannot stack the Call to Arms ability.
    • If a Call to Arms ability is still active for towers, then activating another Call to Arms will not grant any additional buff. However, it resets the duration of the ability.
    • However, the Call to Arms ability can stack with boosts from other towers, like the Gladiator‘s Warrior’s Call.
  • The Commander cannot boost the firerate of the Ace Pilot‘s bombs, Pursuit‘s missiles, Commando‘s missiles or any units (like the Railgun Tank from the Military Base or the Body Guard from the Crook Boss), even if their associated tower is in the range of a Commander.
  • If the Call to Arms ability is active, and a new tower is placed in the range of the Commander, that tower will not be boosted by the ability until it is activated again.