Blog break 23


Think this is nearly the longest I’ve gone without posting!

Feel online life has changed this year:
Musk buying Twitter has killed off my bots, and the platform seems to have transformed into a right wing conspiracy echo chamber, so my interest has gone.

AI chat bots have changed everything; Chat GPT has come a long way from my first experiments. Gone is the day of having to compile and train the model yourself, now the web GUI is mindblowing. I personally use it to write code, and can invision a future of programmers on Fiver building complex applications and scripts for minimal payments.

Google’s BARD seems promising, I like the live connection, & Microsoft’s Bing’s Chat is informative… although I’ve got into arguements with it, where we’ve disagreed.

This is profound, what a crazy time to be alive!

We’ve suffered a series of major storms in NZ over the past few months, with serious damage to homes and infrastucture. We’re living through the start of weather events being amplified by climate change, and things are only going to get worse. El Nino returns this year, it’ll be interesting to see the effect.