Finally finished Elden Ring


Elden Ring

After 326 hours of game play, I’ve finally beaten the final boss, what an experience, that I don’t want to end!

Starting out with a Mage build, I switched to Faith, and now to a Black Flame meta. I’m finishing off collecting items to take to New Game plus, before I choose an ending.

It really is the greatest game that I’ve played, such a pleasure, truly epic, with a story that has me confused, perplexed, and I’m really not sure what is happening… but this doesn’t distract from the enjoyment

I used the Miquella’s Needle at Dragonlord Placidusax’s arena, so the Frenzied Flame ending is off the cards, I believe the rest are still available… think I’ll go with Ranni, she looked out for me 🙂

Edit> sweet summer child, I hadn’t finished the final boss… 1, or maybe 2, to go 😆