Playing with Godot


After trying several different Python libraries I’ve recently come across the Godot Engine

Godot provides a huge set of common tools, so you can just focus on making your game without reinventing the wheel.

Godot is completely free and open-source under the very permissive MIT license. No strings attached, no royalties, nothing. Your game is yours, down to the last line of engine code.

I started working through a training book, but this turned out to be based on a previous version. So I’ve ditched this and have settled for working through the docs

The dedicated IDE is easy to understand, allowing you to create 2D & 3D scenes, and attach scripts. It apparently plays nicely with Blender

I’m looking forward to working through a dev cycle, and I have a couple of ideas of game concepts that I’d like to try… watch this space ­čÖé