10 reasons that Elden Ring is the greatest video game


Elden Ring

10 features that make Elden Ring greatest video game of all time… maybe 😆

1. The game’s mechanics are incredibly deep and complex, making it a challenge to master.

2. The game world is incredibly immersive and detailed, with a vast array of things to see and do.

3. The story is incredibly well-written and engaging, with a cast of interesting and likable characters.

4. The game’s atmosphere is absolutely incredible, with a perfect mix of suspense, mystery, and dread.

5. Elden Ring is an absolutely massive game, with an incredible amount of content to keep players busy for hundreds of hours.

6. The game’s combat is extremely satisfying and tactical, with a wide variety of weapons and abilities to use.

7. The game’s boss battles are some of the most epic and challenging in all of gaming.

8. The game’s soundtrack is absolutely brilliant, with a perfect mix of atmospheric and action-packed tunes.

9. Elden Ring is one of the most visually stunning games ever made, with gorgeous environments and effects.

10. Elden Ring is simply an amazing game that is sure to please gamers of all kinds for many years to come.

In the past I’ve played with OpenAI’s GPT-2 library, to write Trump tweets, and even Beatles Songs. Today in OpenAI‘s GPT-3 playground I asked the question: “10 reasons that Elden Ring is the greatest video game”, and the above extract is the answer… I’m scared, but so looking forward to playing with this!

If you do pick it up, or are considering to do so, I’d recomend checking out the extensive Elden Ring fextralife wiki