Lost Linux Home


I tried upgrading Ubuntu to the 18.10 Beta Friday night, all seemed to go well except for when I tried to reboot the desktop wouldn’t load.

Tired of looking for a solution I tried installing Manjaro from an iso I have as a working Virtual Box, but each time I tried from a USB I was told corrupt / incomplete file, WTF!

So I downloaded it again, check the hash, all good; only to get the same error… think this comes from the mounting method I was using.

Wanting to take this opportunity to install a different OS next I opted for the latest Debian build. I already use it as one of my other installed OS’s, so I appreciate the stability. All good working as it should, everything behaving as it should, like driving a Volkswagen, although I couldn’t restore my Back in Time backup, but could grab an Deja Dup from back in July.

All was working good, but I found the menus too formal, and I really did want the Python code I’ve recently written, and would be nice to get back the Anaconda environments I’ve recently setup. Ubuntu drew me back like a familiar dirty habit, with the hope of Back in Time working. I’ve been using Budgie desktop for the past couple of months, so I decided to go for the low spec 64bit Ubuntu version.

It’s a pleasure to use

The experience is slick, I have the desktop setup with the top and side bar to my liking, and I haven’t overloaded the install with too many apps. However I couldn’t get Back in Time to return a backup, so readers beware, and Deja Dup is causing me issues as it runs on a single processor and causes my AMD chip to overheat and shutdown 🙁

All good for now though, I have my passwords / keys and bitcoins, and I’ll try installing fan controls to keep my box cool enough to restore the backup… although I’m then only still back to July; I really would like the Back in Time to work.

Upside is I haven’t brought back my 6 year old Home directory, with all of the baggage / configs that comes with it… everything is running prompt and fast. I’ve also played around with a few different options for my VPN; and that too is now a great either or option, not running always but there when I need it… and not leaking DNS 🙂

So ideal objective is to restore Back in Time, otherwise Deja backup, otherwise I can begin anew building up Linux detritus in my Home directory… I’m missing my aliases 🙂