My Disasterous Trial to PUGB


Who doesn’t know PUBG now days?

It has become the most downloaded game and has been played by not only the youngsters but even the middle-aged people are watched playing it. Even I found many of my office colleagues playing the same and spending lot of their time in office washrooms.

You wont believe but many have started their own YouTube channel so that they can upload the PUBG videos that they have recorded, and trust me; they are making huge money doing the this!

One day, I also thought to give it a try and guess what?
It consumed around 2.5 GB of data just to install and get ready for the battle and the amount costed me the same amount as my monthly invoice for my mobile.

Anyways, since I was noob, I asked one of my friends to guide me how to play and what all things I have to do but being a stupid, he just told me about the controls.

Finally, I started playing and after sometime I found that my PUBG’s avatar (or whatever it is called) started losing health, I was like WTF? my mind started generating questions like is someone hitting me? I started searching for some hiding spot and meanwhile my PUBG avatar died.

I was a bit angry because I didn’t even killed one single person and died without any purpose. So, I thought to give it a try again. I launched the game and started playing, this time I found one person and I didn’t even make to shoot even one bullet because my avatar was reloading the gun.


This time I was mad angry. I called my friend and asked the about the issue.

Then that stupid told me that you have to be in the play area which is marked as white circle in the map.

Great buddy, great.

Being stubborn I started the game again and this time I managed some killings too, but since I am a noob, I got killed again.

You can even watch the same in the video below

Now what I feel is, the game is awesome I loved the thinking of the developer that there are not bots playing the game, it’s the real people always and so you always have to compete with the real people.
Now days I also spend much of my office time in the washroom and my boss always keep an eye on my cubicle.

Guest post by @AnonTuber