Street Fighter 5 lands in 2 weeks


Street Fighter v

There are more and more articles regarding Street Fighter 5 as we get closer to the February 16th launch date

‘Street Fighter V’ will feature the series’ first full story mode


  • The free update will arrive in June and will bridge the gap between past ‘Street Fighter’ games.
  • the new single-player campaign will be released in June as free downloadable content for anyone who buys Street Fighter V.
  • All told, the Street Fighter V story mode will feature over an hour of in-game cinematic sequences running off the same 3D engine that powers the rest of the game, and that’s not including the actual gameplay elements.
  • That’s in addition to the character stories that’ll be present on day one. As in past Street Fighter games, playing through the arcade mode with your chosen character will reveal details and backstory on his or her place in the Street Fighter universe.
  • Capcom says it will continuously deliver free updates. Instead of selling “upgrade packs” that some players might buy and some might not, Capcom will release free balance updates to everyone.
  • Of course, there will still be paid content to unlock, either via in-game “fight money” or cold hard cash.
  • Capcom will launch its store a month after the game is released to give people time to play through the day-one content and earn some fight money.
  • “If you play through the majority of single-player content at launch, you’ll earn enough money to get the first new DLC character free of charge,”
  • After a month, Capcom will also start its daily challenges, which the company believes will provide a consistent source of fight-money revenue for players to earn.
    1. I’ve posted extensively about how much of fan I am of Street Fighter, back to Street Fighter ii in the grimy arcades of the 90’s, I never minded the costume DLC’s of SFiv, as they were totally optional; what did anger me, and many other Street Fighter fans, was having to play for extra characters in Street Fighter x Tekken.

      I hope this way of earning credits in game will ensure that we don’t have to spend real money on additional fighters… as mentioned above free releases are to be made to balance the game, hope this removes the need of Super Street Fighter v having a launch date of 2017?

      ‘Street Fighter V’ creator says his game is meant for pros and noobs alike


      Despite a focus on competitive gamers, Yoshinori Ono thinks everyone will enjoy the new installment.

      This is a fantastic interview, I’m eager to see how the new fighting options work… think I’ll miss FADC 🙂

      15 days and counting!