Firebase AutoML


So this weekend my Twitter bot dropped this link onto my feed: Firebase ML Kit: AutoML Vision Edge

I’m currently working with auto ML in a professional manner, trialing both H2O and Azures Auto ML packages, so this piqued my interest!

Having built mobile apps before in the early days of Android, and looking for a project to play with again, the timing of this was perfect.

I’m still messing with the code, will publish to GitHub when complete, but here are the summary evaluation details of my first Paw Patrol model [fist_pups_20191013 typo but chose to keep it]… I’ll explain the chosen image set too 🙂

AutoML Confusion Matrix Paw Patrol

AutoML Evaluation Paw Patrol

I’m now trying to setup Android Studio???

This Python Library is really cool and useful:
It allows you to search and download images from a Google search by providing a json config file