2 geek successes this evening


… or partial ones at least 🙂

Firebase Auto ML

I’ve managed to create a simple Android app using Firebase Auto ML, that now detects Paw Patrol pups with a decent success rate. This success would have blown me away a year ago, sad now given exposure to Auto ML and Google’s sophisticated tools I just think this is ok… but I do have a couple of hypotheses to test to increase accuracy:

  • more images per Category / Keyword… pup 🙂
    • there’s a 1k limit for the free hosted model, I’m currently training the model on ~50
  • duplication and manipulation of the current images
    • there’s a script available to revolve and shade images that I’m to investigate using
    • more variety should resolve any ambiguity

Mycroft / Pycroft

I have an install of Mycroft running on a Raspberry PI 🙂
Still a few starting issues; I can’t get WiFi to connect, or install new Skills via voice… but I have it now playing BBC World News!

Current setup comprises of:

  • wireless speaker
    • hard wired
  • RJ45 connection to router
    • not enough ports on router for this to stay current
  • Sony PlayStation 3 camera
    • this seems to do a great job

Let’s see how much use I get from Mycroft, although If I can’t resolve the WiFi and Skills issues I’ll be looking for other projects to try… thinking surveillance / Web cam