Elden Ring Reduvia broke my PS5 DualSense


So fighting one battle, I was tapping away at L2, shooting our Reduvia’s special… and then snap!

I felt the trigger give way beneath my left index finger!

After decades of gaming, I’ve finally encountered an input device that has given way… keyboard coffee & wine spills excluded.

The issue is apparently well known, and widely experienced, springs breaking that hold the adaptive triggers in place.

After going through the Sony web site’s useless instructions (reset your joypad, reconnect), I received a code & gave them a call.

Only a couple of rings past, and an advisor welcomed me, I explained the issue, had to take a photo of the back of the device to be able to read out the serial number… to be told it was no longer under warranty 🙁

I’m still considering persuing this, under NZ Consumer Gurarantee’s Act, although the solution to fixing the issue would be purchasing a few springs from Amazon… but it’s more the principle.

So today I picked up a new controller… and it feels awesome!

Still I’m tempted to pick up a few springs to repaire busted peripherals, but may chase down Sony to cover the cost of replacement for goods provided that didn’t meet the expected waer and tear requirements of an expensive peice of electronic hardware