A busy techy month


Haven’t posted in a while… mainly due to Gran Turismo 7!
What a awesome way to pass time, I’ve hooked, and it’s taking me back to Y2K… but that will be another post

I’ve developed a love for Rogue games… again another post I should wite

My OnePlus6T Android mobile stopped charging, so I’ve picked up a OnePlus9… as they say in Thailand; Same, Same, but Better

A Python script that I had running to delete my Reddit posts started failing… created a fresh Anaconda environment, with a bash script to call the env and run the scripts

Today I finally overcame the Windowsd 10 error, that told me my new shiny machine wasn’t capable of installing Windows 11… some UEFI tweak I needed to make.
Less than 15 minutes later I had a shiny new version of Windows, that retained all of my files and settings.

Sure there have been other things happening… I must post more frequently