Child of Light


Child of Light

Booted Child of Light(wonder why critics rateit 82% on xbox one, and 74% on 360?), on xbox live, what a juxta to the 2 last arcade games I tried!

I can recognise the shared engine with Valiant Hearts, although the character movement is much more fluid… plus the right thumb stick controlled willow-the-wisp like firefly entity is a wonderful addition, like a playable Navi 🙂

The text dialogue is beautiful, rhyming, and poetic, while also being coy and a little risquĂ©. The world of the dead? fairy like, and I’ve already seen one similar, crate pushing puzzle, to Valiant Warrior, in the first couple of minutes.

As a warrior I’ve drawn a sword from the stone, and have tasted my first bite of the combat system… all for now!

I can see myself enjoying this game 🙂