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Abyss Odyssey
So to continue today’s xbox live endeavour, I’ve chosen 2, 2D platform games to jump about with, Abyss Odysey, and Blood of the Werewolf.

1st impressions?

Due to the clumsy controls I doubt I’ll be playing Abyss Odysey again; I’ve too many games to play to leave out the ones with non intuative shnky controls.

Blood of the Werewolf, at first seems clunky, the levels are simple jump and shoot… but it seems compelling. The 2 different player states, with upgradeable weapons, takes me back to the classic Mega Drive launch title, Altered Beast… a game that failed on its port from the arcade!

I’m enjoying the use of 2 thumb sticks, one for movement, other for fire; with the option to double up attack power.

One disappointment, the sound is off!
The intra voice over is muted, the spitting slugs (what are they?) boom the bass box.

The tunnel levels kinda remind me of the old school classic Abuse! Power ups are left in random to find places, rewarding clumsy game play over skill jumping.

Werewolf powers seem, under-powered, the mighty wolf is beaten back my birds and other indiscriminate creatures, which lessens the impact of playing a lycanthrope… and on top of that the sound effects are weak, and repetitive, plus the sound effects are weak and repetitive 😉

Then you get to the level with the crunching floors… if I haven’t put you off already, and you’ve played 20 mins in, you know what I’m referring to, yeah?

This seems to be a game made by a team who made original Atari titles.

The only thing that amazes me about Blood of the Werewolf, is that it’s better than Abyss Odysey 🙂

By all means download the demo’s and have a bash, but save your coins for other quality titles, perhaps something by Ubisoft… which brings me onto the next game on my list Child of Light 😉

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