New portable vice


Again late to the party, but I’m off to a desert island for a week, and I needed to pick up enough digital luggage to get me through.

I don’t know if it is good or bad news, but I installed Minecraft Pocket Edition on my Nexus 7, and it has become my new portable vice. ­čÖé

Before now I have only really breifly experimented with Minecraft, taking the odd dab here and there. The Skyrm mod for the 360 version kept me occupied for a brief period, but there was always another title that took my focus away.

This time it could be serious!

My wife chastises me, that it is a kids game!

I tell her children do play Minecraft, but its audience is wide and varied, covering many demographics.

I did try a release version over a year ago, and found it limited, and meh!
This time I have a copy of the lastest v0.91, and I’m a happy miner ­čÖé

Today I experienced the thrill of finding my first iron ore vein! Woohoo, weapons better than stone!
But then I messed up by making Iron bars out of all my load… WTF was I thinking!
Iron ore
So better weapons and tools are currently beyond my capability, but I know there will be another iron seam out there… somewhere.

Who needs better weapons anyway, I’m armed with a bow and arrow, although a more durable pick would be nice.

Off in the search of iron ore ­čÖé

Edit: And I’ve just discovered seeds!

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