barcode xbox games to spreadsheet


I’ve heaps of xbox games gathering dust and am looking to share them with friends, so I need to catalogue them quickly.

I would rather not do it all by hand, so am looking for a solution via Android and barcodes.

I already have barcode scanner, but need a quick way to then more the info to a spread sheet, of google documents.

Video Game Tracker
Scan in games, finds title fast, although have to enter genre from drop down

Game Collection Tracker Free
Scans in games via barcode Scanner and queries web for detials… bit slow

Game Keeper
Has a (not quite… although just found it downloads updated info) full list of games for popular consoles, not the slickest or
I entered 80 xbox games from a check list and it failed on me… not happy!
Tried again and failed, sad to leave this app as I like the database, will keep it for reference but not to track games

I’ve decided it will be easier to export this list of XBOX 360 Games from Wikipedia and highlight the ones I have, and maybe the ones I have played