GTA V 100% Checklist


The last time I stopped blogging for an extended period wasn’t because I had stopped playing games, but one single game, Skyrim, was taking all of my digital time.

This time around it’s GTA V ­čÖé

Am I enjoying it as much as Skyrim?

Maybe not, as it doesn’t have the personalisation, and specialisation… but then I haven’t taken it online yet!

I’ve completed the main story, and am now aiming for 100% completion to see what the UFO secret may be.
Here’s the checklist I’ve been using to keep tabs on what I need to do, courtesy of IGN: GTAV 100% Checklist

You haven’t heard of the UFO plot?
Grand Theft Auto 5 secrets: UFOs, UV drop-offs and the mystery of Mount Chiliad

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