Your buddy brought you into Eve


Eve Offer I can't refuse
I appreciate Eve’s tenacious marketing as much as I appreciated the beauty and wonder of the open universe world they’ve created.

What I find funny about this email is how my ‘buddy’ introduced me. After sending the invite he apologised, and claimed this was the most evil thing he’d done to anyone on the internet, introducing me to Eve.

Knowing the risks, I took a little dab, what damage could it do right?
So I:

  • gave my character a name
  • sorted out the appearance
  • worked through the training missions
  • skilled up 24 hours a day
  • downloaded
    • an Android app
    • installed a chat & voice communicator
  • accepted to join Dreddit & travelled to their bit of space

then I quit.

I went on my first fleet mission. Guided by an experienced player, a group of ~10 n00bs followed him through space.
All of our questions were answered, & he shared tips and secrets along the way.

A couple of hours in I needed to leave the game, real world requirements.
There’s no save function, like the last few generations of consoles gaming that I’ve been conditioned to.

My fleet members flew on, I found refuge in a lonely space station, 7 jumps away from the wormhole we’d left.

This was my last view of Eve.
I could have rejoined the game when afk was resolved.
I could have gone on, planning & increasing my skills, checking my phone to see how things were going.

I took advice from Renton, I chose life 🙂

And my ‘buddy’ paraphrased WarGames “the only way to win, is not to play”

Then this brings us to today’s email, with a discount PLEX rate for the 1st 90 days & one of the shiny ‘special’ ships, shown below.

  • The striking, militaristc Sukuuvestaa Heron
  • The distinctly royal Sarum Magnate
  • The hard-shelled Vherokior Probe
  • The sleek Inner Zone Shipping Imicus

My resolve is still strong, Eve Online is not for me, but I can certainly see how people get interested & in turn hooked… & I was only paddling in the shallow end.