Water resistant keystrokes


I had a crisis yesterday, spilling water over my workbench; saved the consoles and PC first, and my cheap keyboard took the brunt of it, showing its dislike for water by having continuous Ctrl.

So today went shopping for a new input device. I was at first considering a decent mechanical keyboard, given the time I spend tapping away.


  • love the sound of the clicks
  • responsive nature of the buttons
  • not to mention the tactile feedback


  • the extraordinary cost
  • still not water resistant
  • did I mention what they charge for these things?

So while deciding on which mech keyboard I was going to spend the money on, that I had set aside for a new kidney, I found a $10 slim wired Delgado E-3LUE.

delgado e-3lue

There’s no glowing light, beneath fancy loud buttons, and programmable keys, but what it does have is a:

Spill-resistant keyboard
The keyboard is equipped with several drain holes. Accidental spills will be discharged through the drain holes. Thus, it will not greatly affect the overall performance of the keyboard.

Sold… now back to building web pages ­čśÇ