today was geek xmas


I received two parcels at work today.
One contained my order from Ubuntu, some cool geek, subtlety labeled t-shirts & a hoodie + this tactile flexi spill proof keyboard… The only thing to truly compare it to is a zx spectrum 48k.

  • The keys, although as mentioned are sensually tactile, I find letters are being skipped… this is the 1st thing I’ve typed using it tho, & I use a split keyboard at work, so lets see if it improves with time
  • I hope the print, as on the speccy, doesn’t rub away… I can’t see myself stenciling letters from tipp-ex as back in the 80’s 🙂
  • It’s branded Ubuntu, it’ll withstand beer / green tea spillages & miscellaneous food items can’t get trapped beneath the keys.

I picked it up with the intent of using it with my ePad, as to be honest the touch screen is shit, & an external keyboard will make it more usable, certainly for email.
I’ll give it a try for a few weeks & keep you updated on its performance.
Buy one direct from Ubuntu for just short of 16 English pounds