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I’ve played a few versions of Mortal Kombat over the years, but it always seemed to me more of a button spamming game, with over powerful simple moves aka the uppercut. I’ve always been more of a fan of the Street Fighter series.

Anyway I was intrigued with the 9th incarnation of Mortal Kombat & had read a couple of reviews stating it was a quality release. ign gamespot

And were they right?
I think so.

Graphics simply amazing, smooth 60fps.

I’m hooked on the story mode, a cool cheesy movie like plot… something that Street Fighter always lacked.

To beat an enemy, you find the attack(s) that land & spam them. Unlike SF, where you play to your characters strength, in MK you play to your enemies weakness.

This is fun though, although frustrating at times.

It has meant that characters I would have thought would present a bigger challenge, have been dominated by flying kicks & the compulsory uppercut.

Each characters moves are executed in the same manner, so not a steep learning curve as SF… although my game is far from high level. Plus there are Tekken like button combos which certainly do the job.

Rather than SF’s (hard to land, difficult to pull off) Ultra Combos, MK gives us X-ray Attacks. Easily executed by R1+R2.

These can really even up a round & make spectacular finishing moves, before the MK signature “Finish Him”

Most of the things I don’t like about the game are that the controls are not Capcom’s.

  • Why does block have to be a button, other than hold back?
  • & grab be a single button, rather than a 2 button combo?

These are not wrong / bad, just different… & I’m sure that when I play SF next I’ll wonder why there isn’t a bock button ­čÖé

The fights seem quite wild, random & unstructured compared with SF, but quite orderly alongside Marvel vs Capcom.

I’d certainly recommend it to fighting fans out there, if only for the entertainment factor. I’m up to chapter 9 in the story & I don’t wish it to come to an end… although eager to find out how it all ends, which I’d guess is in a Raiden victory.

Doesn’t quite fit within the Warner Bros label with finishing moves eh?

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