Parappa Cool Guide


Here’s a cool guide to for Parappa (Yeah I’m still trying to master it :)), stolen with pride from this Angelfire site, as it may not be around forever?

Hints, How to’s, Getting cool

Here are some tips for playing the games Parappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy, stuff that happens, and how to get cool on some of these levels. Hope they’re some help!

Hints on playing

  • In Um Jammer Lammy, listen carefully to the music and try to match that with your guitar. Usually, pressing correct buttons a little EARLY works here.
  • In Parappa the Rapper, press the correct buttons slightly AFTER it shows, it’s a sure-fire way for me anyway!
  • Don’t be afraid to try new combos, play with the beat or more freestyle.

Getting Cool (and maintaining it) with Parappa the Rapper and Um Jammer Lammy (unfortunately, I’ve only gotten three cools on Lammy! )

  • In Parappa the Rapper, to get cool with Chop Chop Master Onion, push the button repeatedly (not much more than 6 times) at the very beginning. Example: Kick – Parappa: Kick kick kick kick kick kick! Try to do it to the beat though. Chop Chop Master Onion will kick away the Dojo’s walls and watch you at the sunset. To maintain it, push all the buttons at random, including L and R
  • Getting cool with Mooselini in Parappa is similar to stage 1. At the beginning, the part with step on the gas/brakes, push those buttons repeatedly. Mooselini will then be ejected from the car. To maintain it, just keep repeating buttons in this order: Triangle, circle, x, square over and over!
  • To get cool with Prince Fleaswallow, try singing the lines In the rian or in the snow regularly (meaning slightly after shown on the bar) and then do Got the gothe funky (pause) flow. He will go into a hole and leave Parappa to rap freestyle! Maintain cool by forming regular sentences the way they sound normally.
  • I’m don’t quite remember how I got cool with Cheap Cheap, try one of the above tactics. To keep cool, form sentences as the way they are supposed to sound regularly
  • To get cool in the toilet world in Parappa, do the rapid button press when you get to Mooselini. Parappa will then run on this track after a moving toilet and whenever he sings a line, the masters’ heads will come up depending on whose line he’s singing. Keep cool the same way as I said for Prince Fleaswallow and Cheap Cheap
  • To get cool on the final Parappa stage, do the line P to the A to the R to the A perfectly (cool should be flashng by the I gotta believe!! line). Keepin cool is tough, try usin the same method as Prince Fleaswallow.
  • I got cool on Captain Fussenpepper with Lammy by doing the lines, Auto pilot on, auto pilot off exactly as they should sound. Lammy is then ejected from the plane and floats around in outer space! I kept cool by using only the triangle and circle buttons, and playng them they way they usually sound.
  • I got cool on the MILKCAN, That’s Us! stage with Lammy by the very first two lines. Say, the first line was X O O, press the x and the 1st o SLIGHTLY after that shown on the bar, and play the last note regular. Lammy will jump in the crowd and jam with the crowd and her masters lifting her up. It’s VERY hard to maintain cool. What I did was repeatedly alternated to L2 and R2 buttons while pressing all the other buttons at random (it kills your hand though!)
  • To get cool on the Cathy Pillar stage with Parappa, do the very first two lines this way, Ma ma ma ma ma ma (pause) ma ma, Pa pa pa pa pa pa (pause) pa pa. Parappa will rap on his own in the colorful ball-like background. I maintained cool just by forming the sentences as they would normally sound.
  • To get cool with Chop Chop Master Onion with Lammy, play the very first lines repeatedly, but not TOO much. He’ll kick away the walls and watch you out at the horizon.
  • To get cool on Chief Puddle with Lammy, do the rapid button pressing just right (it’s harder than ya think!) Lammy will be sent flyin in the air with the hose squirting water everywhere (I knida cheated cuz I got cool on the second to last line!)
  • Get cool on Paul Chuck with Lammy by doing the rapid button pressing again, especially on the line, We gonna make a good guitar, by givin all you got, Come on girl, Hurry up girl. Lammy will circle very quickly around the tree and start shreddin it! Maintain cool by pressing all buttons rapidly, and if you want in a pattern (I do Triangle O X Square).
  • Get cool on Teriyaki Yoko with Lammy by once again, rapid button pressing, or sometimes half regular, and half rapid button pressing works. The audience will form a kind a whirlpool, or wormhole or somethin, and Lammy will start jammin in it! Keep cool, by very rapid button pressing, I like the Triangle, O, X, Square method and throw in a few L’s and R’s.
  • To get cool on Chief Puddle with Parappa, do the lines Come help me put this out, Bring it down without a doubt, very rapidly. He will also fly up in the air with the squirting hose. Keep cool the same way, rapid pattern-like button pressing!!
  • To get cool with Parappa on Paul Chuck, do the rapid button pressing once again! It seems to work on th lines, Turn it to the side, hold it up high, turn it up high, and hold it to the side. He will also start circling the tree fast and shreddin at it! Keep cool the same way as said in all 3 above boxes.

Cheats and Secret stuff

  • Get Cool on the levels of Parappa the Rapper and get a stage called KT and the Sunny Funny Band where Katy and Sunny dance on a table
  • Unlock Lammy and Rammy team by beating Lammy stages
  • Play as Parappa by beating each of the Lammy levels
  • Unlock Lammy Parappa team levels by beating Parappa levels
  • Beat all the levels in Um Jammer Lammy including versus and team modes to get the Sound Player where you can hear all the songs in Cool, Good, Bad or Awful, and make Lammy, Katy, Parappa, Rammy, Ma-san and PJ Berri move!
  • In Parappa the Rapper, hold up during the entire level and see special images comes up! Ex. Prince Fleaswallow eats a fly
  • Supposedly play as Sunny or a Ninja in Parappa by: Getting cool and over 3000 points on level 1, good with cool flashing on level 2, good with over 2000 points on level 3, good with over 2000 points on level 4, cool with over 4000 points on level 5, and cool with over 2000 points on level 6