for the aging gamer looking for comfort


When something is presented to me which would make my gaming more comfortable, enjoyable & competitive, I’ll certainly look at the merits. So todays 2nd package had me quite excited… enough to bail on the gym & boot up my Xbox, to try out my new Avenger.

the Avenger controller
the Avenger controller

This cool adapter clips onto a standard xbox 360 controller & allows you to press the face buttons (XYB), using you index fingers, while keeping your thumbs on the sticks & your middle fingers on the triggers!

& if this doesn’t increase your reaction times enough, the sensitivity can be finely adjusted.
Not only on the face buttons, but on the triggers too!
This accentuates your reaction time, very good for 1 on 1 confrontations.

I’ve only put in a couple of games. But after a break of nearly 2 weeks, of serious Black Ops gaming, I finished in the top 3 of each hardcore game I played. I’m quite impressed & can see my ratios improving over time.

But only time will tell, I’ll be sure to keep this thread alive to feed back.
There were a couple of rage quitters; I owe this not only to my superfluous skills, but also my motto “pros don’t prestige”. As I’m at level 55 having never prestiged.

btw I don’t believe I am pro, I just play for fun… the motto’s there to antagonise those who may take it all a little too seriously 🙂

Oh, other great benefit of the mod, no xbox claw feeling as yet.
Lets see how more extended games sessions work out.
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Update: 2 years on, the fix is still working well, although my play time has migrated to PS3 more than XBOX.
One thing I’m concerned about is: will this work on the XBOX one?