This weekends games, brought to you by the number 3


I’ve only recently picked up a PS3, strange for me as I usually import new consoles when they first enter the market; paying outrageous prices & then have to import games… until modded 🙂

Original PS2 1000 from Hong Kong, just sort of 1000 GBP in 2000, left back in homeland (pre chipped)
PSP, picked up in Hanoi, Vietnam 2005 for about $300 US, now lost 🙁 (never issues finding games)
Xbox NTSC 360 from US in 2005, $800 nz (now on my 3rd)

I’m now working through the PS3 back catalogue, playing games that I never picked up for the Xbox, or are Sony exclusive. This weeks pickings:

Skate 3
Since I 1st got my hands on Neversofts Tony Hawk Pro Skater demo in ’99 on the Playstation (it wasn’t called PS1 back then as it was the only one) I was hooked on skating games. I was already a avid skater, my deck was my main form of transport & skating took up all of my free non gaming time.

Over the years I’ve played through the THPS series, enjoying some of the titles more than others, personally I think it peaked at number 3.
But then Skate came along & my skating gaming interest was born again.

In EA’s take on a skating title, gone were the button mashing combos & moves that were purchased. All tricks could be performed from the outset… the catch been that it actually takes a little skill & practice to pull them off.
The right thumb stick controls your feet on the board, a simple ollie is achieved by holding down to set up, & then flicking up (compared with THPS x button). A kickflip is done in the same way, but by flicking the stick up – right.
Its intuitive, simple but most of all fun!

The Skate series has improved with each reincarnation. Not so much with the graphics, although the frame rate looks better in 3, but certainly the game play. The city is huge (Port Carverton) & the terrain ideally skateable. While in the last games city, San Vanelona skating was frowned upon & security guards messed up your lines; here it’s skater friendly & pedestrians comment of you success.

There are now 3 difficulty options, from the easiest; where you really have to get your line wrong, or hold a flip / grab too long, to slam, to the more challenging; the timing is like real skating.

I just love to chill out & roll around the city, but there are challengers galore to keep you developing, & the environment can be modded at your will.

I’ve resisted picking up this game from launch as I paid out for the last 2. But If you’re a fan of the skating genre I’d recommend acquiring a copy; trade in your old ones at EB, or grab one for less than 20 bucks on Amazon.

Way of the Samurai 3
Again, a series which I’ve been playing for years. A PSP version passed the pool time on my last vaction to Samoa. This one doesn’t seem any different & has held my attention for only a short while, due to other games to play.
I love the concept, open World & you can draw your sword at any time to fight with the characters within the World… although be warned, once you take someone out, they’re gone for good.
So you choose the path you tread, honourable or rogue.
Graphics are cool, conversations text based; with options in each which sways what people think of you.
I’ll write an update when I’ve put in more hours. (I never got back to this game, and less chance after hardd rive been formatted)
… child of eden calls 🙂