child of eden – kinect showcase title


I’ve finally got hold of a copy of child of eden, the long wait is over, & was it worth it?
Damn yeah!

After I’d been charmed by the stunning, plot setting, intro, I played through the 1st level. Which takes you through a non invasive tutorial… after all there’s not much to learn.

I won’t try & explain the plot, watch the youtube intro to give you the background. But eden is the internet & the history of the Earth stored within it.

For those of you familiar with Rez, the basics are just the same… hold your cursor, controlled with your right hand, over the sprites, & push forward to fire, known in game as lock-on-and-release.
Highlight up to 8 enemies, hit ’em all score a ‘Perfect’, also known as a ‘octa-lock’.

I found this kinda jedi force like… which got me excited about the prospect of the upcoming Star Wars kinect title.

Your left hand fires a fully auto weapon, called tracer. Not as strong as the right hand, but effective against purple bullets fired from key enemies.

Rez’s blue health orbs are back, but in exchange for the power ups, which used to evolve your form, we now have euphoria. This is a smart weapon, used to clear the screen of all hostiles… not to be confused with a series of banging hard house albums.

& the music? Upbeat techno trance that suits the game perfectly.

The game could sound a little basic & gamers thinking themselves experienced may glance over the box on the shelves. But don’t be fooled. It is a challenge & you do need to be concentrating to clear a level.

I’m off to play more, so far a highly recommend title & every kinect owner should certainly give this game a try.

Update:> I’ve now unlocked the 4th level, which has has an industrial theme, quite challenging, but sensuous fun.
There is a free play difficulty option, named real eden… I’ll save this for chill out sessions after I’ve completed the main game

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